The Horrors of Animal Testing

4 April 2015
This paper describes the horrible effects of experimenting on animals.

This paper gives scientific and moral reasons why animal testing is wrong and unjustifiable. It details the effects on animals after experiments that are conducted in torture-like situations and how these tests are often unnecessary and/or avoidable. It shows how the law does not protect animals against being used for experiments, and that through the use of advances in technology animal testing has become obsolete. This paper uses statistics and scientific research to support its position.
From the paper:

“More than 25 million animals suffer and die each year in American laboratories alone. (ADL) This continues despite the fact that humans have long known that most animals have an ability to feel pain as advanced, if not more advanced, than their own. Human pain is easily recognizable and universally accepted as fact. Most vertebrate animals exhibit pain in a nearly identical fashion. They writhe about, contort the muscles of their bodies and face, make sounds of distress and even calls for help. They will try to avoid the source of that pain, demonstrate fear when threatened with its re occurrence, and can even be conditioned to watch for warning signs.”

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