The Hot Zone

6 June 2017

For instance, he points that Ebola is named after the Ebola River located in Zaire. The first emergence of Ebola Zaire is known to have occurred in 1976 and it killed 9110 people. Furthermore, he points that MARV was named after a German City (Preston, 1994). Apart from the emergence of these viruses, Preston also details some of the biosafety levels and procedures relating to these viruses. For instance, he introduces the reader to the international symbols for biohazards. Some of the symbols include decon which is a short form of decontamination.

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Section 2: The Monkey House This section describes the events that led to the detection of Reston Virus (RESTV) among imported monkeys in a monkey house located in Reston, Virgin. Hazelton Research Company had imported these monkeys into their quarantine centre for research. Preston narrates the veterinarian decision to send some samples of the monkeys to Fort Detrick in October 1989, after the unusual high number of monkey deaths. This virus was found in a mutated form of the original Ebola virus nd was first mistaken for Simian Hemorrhagic Fever (SHV) (Preston, 1994).

He further narrates the death of John Jaax. Nancy’s father also dies later in the narration. Although he does not point that Jack died from the Ebola virus, it seems that Nancy exposed him to it. He further describes some of the actions that the US army and the CDC took in response to the spread of this virus. Section 3: Smashdown This section details the events that led to another virus known as Reston epizootic. It was discovered during the testing process in biosafety level 3 in USAMRIID.

Preston oints how two exposed themselves to one of the flasks that appeared to be contaminated with pseudomonas bacterium, when they wafted the flask. Later, it was established that while this virus was so dangerous to monkeys, humans could be infected without any health effects at all. Section 4: Kitum Cave This section details Preston’s visit of Kitum Cave in search for answers. He also discusses the role of HIV AIDS in the present and explores Kinshasa Highway also known as the “AIDS Highway. ” This highway is believed to be the first place where AIDS appeared.

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