The Hotel Paris

7 July 2016

The Hotel Paris’s competitive strategy was to use superior guest service and to increase the length of stay and return rate of guests, and thus boost revenues and profitability. HR manager Lisa Cruz had to form some functional policies and activities that support this competitive strategy, by choosing the required employee behaviors and competencies. She knew that employee selection had to play a central role in her plans.

Producing satisfied customers required activities like inbound logistics activities, outbound logistic activities, marketing and sales activities, service activities and sales activities etc. The HR manager identified human resource activities to produce high-quality front-desk customer service by improving employee morale. Scorecard software was introduced to represent the value-adding affects of the full range of Hotel Paris’s human resource activities.

This Scorecard model could show various human resource activities along with the effects of these on a variety of workforce competencies and behaviors. Thus the strategic goals were achieved by identifying and improving the crucial HR activities. 1. Draw a simple strategy map for the Hotel Paris. Specifically, summarize in your own words an example of the hierarchy of links among the hotel’s HR practices, necessary workforce competencies and behaviors, and required organizational outcomes. Answer:

One of the three important tools managers use to translate the company’s broad strategic goals into specific human resource management policies and activities is the strategic map. It shows an overall picture of how necessary every department’s performance is to achieving the company’s overall strategic goals. Here is a strategic map for the Hotel Paris The strategic map here shows the main activities required for Hotel Paris to succeed. At the top is the company’s overall goal to expand globally and increase profits and revenue. Then it shows chain of activities that is required to achieve these goals.

2. Using Table3-1 (page 120), list at least five specific metrics the Hotel Paris could use to measure its HR practices. Answer: The five specific metrics the Hotel Paris could use to measure it’s HR practices are given below: 1. Number of qualified applicants per position 2. Percentage of jobs filled from within 3. Percentage of employees receiving a regular performance appraisal. 4. Percentage of the workforce eligible for incentive pay 5. Percentage of the workforce routinely working in a self-managed, cross functional, or project team

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