The Human Brain Vs The Computer Essay

8 August 2017

The Human Brain Vs. The Computer Essay, Research Paper

The Human Brain vs. the Computer

Over the millenary, Man has come up with infinite innovations, each more clever than the last. However, merely now, as the computing machine arises that world & # 8217 ; s sentience itself is threatened. Ridiculous, some may shout, but I say look about you! The computing machine has already begun to keep sway over so many of the critical maps that adult male has prided himself upon earlier. Our lives are now dependent upon the computing machine and what it tells you. Even now, I type this essay upon a computing machine, to the full swearing that it will bring forth a consequence far superior to what I can pull off with my ain to custodies and small else.

It has been normally said that the computing machine can ne’er replace the human encephalon, for it is worlds that created them. Is this a good ground why the computing machine must be inferior to worlds? Is it ever true that the object can non excel its Godhead? How can this be true? Even if we merely concentrate on a individual creative activity of adult male, say the topic of this essay, the computing machine, there are many ways in which the computing machine has the border over adult male. Let us get down with basic computation. The computing machine has the capableness to measure jobs that adult male can barely even conceive of, allow entirely attack. Even if a adult male can cipher the same jobs as a computing machine, the computing machine can make it far faster than he can perchance accomplish. Let us travel one measure further. State this adult male can cipher every bit fast as a computing machine, can he, as the computing machine can, accomplish a 100 % rate of truth in his computation? Why do we now go over the human informations entry into a computing machine when a error is noticed alternatively of look intoing the computing machine? It is because computing machines now possess the ability to keep no mistake in its operation, where world has non advanced in this country in any noticeable border. Why do you believe the words & # 8216 ; human mistake & # 8217 ; and & # 8216 ; to mistake is human & # 8217 ; have become so popular in recent old ages? It is because the weaknesss of the human race are going more and more exposed as the computing machine progresss and becomes more and more almighty.

Possibly the computing machine is non genuinely a rival with the human encephalon but instead its ideal. After all, the computing machine is far superior to the human encephalon in those facets where the encephalon is weakest. It is possibly the effort of the human encephalon to achieve flawlessness after gaining its ain failings. If you think about it carefully, do those who use the computing machine non utilize it supplement their ain creative input? Possibly it is the subconscious effort by us at making the following phase of development by our heads, making a machine to make all the soiled work for us while we sit back and let our encephalons to concentrate on making, or destructing, as the instance may be. This machine is the compensation for the human encephalon & # 8217 ; s failings.

The human encephalon has defects in copiousness, yet it besides has many an border over the computing machine. It has the capacity to make, unlike the computing machine, and it can work without full input, doing logical premises about jobs. A individual can work with a broad assortment of methods, seeing new, more efficient ways of managing jobs. It can come up with infinite ways of acquiring about jobs encountered in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life, whilst a computing machine has a limited repertory of new fast ones it can come up with, limited by its scheduling. Should better scheduling be introduced, it is the human encephalon that figures out the scheduling that will let leeway for any betterments as mistily conceived by the human encephalon. It is the human encephalon that conceptualises the expression and methods by which the computing machine goes about its work. The human encephalon, given the clip, can larn to understand anything, it can hold on the cardinal construct of any construct, whilst the computing machine tends to take all things in their entireness, which makes some jobs near impossible to work out. Emotions excessively are an plus. Emotions allow the human encephalon to hold evolved beyond a problem-solving machine. In truth, one feature of awareness, as we know it, is emotional adulthood! Even a one-year-old babe knows boundlessly more about emotions than the most sophisticated computing machines. Emotions open the head to vast, new rhenium

alms of possibilities. The ground why computing machines can non make is because of the deficiency of emotions. Anger allows the imaginativeness to roll, contriving constructs of new, of all time more powerful arms of devastation. Discontent induces the head to gestate of new methods of fulfillment that could be expanded into something more. Puzzlement causes the head to believe of solutions. Curiosity leads to try to fulfill it, bring forthing new finds and disclosures.

The computing machine, on the other manus, though missing in many facets, is clearly the superior in many other facets. In sheer velocity of calculation and retrieval of informations, the computing machine is evidently by far the stronger. It has the capacity to manage things on a far grander graduated table than the human encephalon could of all time gestate. The capacity to organize is massively improved as compared to the human encephalon. Measurements, consequences, applications can all be done down to the tiniest inside informations, far beyond the human encephalon & # 8217 ; s capablenesss. Calculations can be done with an truth about impossible to accomplish manually. A certain uniformity can be achieved in its maps, something a human can barely trust to accomplish.

The human encephalon has many flaws merely as it has advantages. The random mentality of the human encephalon gives allowance for many errors to be made. Though technically the potency is at that place, this potency is ne’er realised. I refer to the possible to calculate and hive away memory as expeditiously or even more so than a computing machine. If possible can non be realised, it is useless and the true capableness of the object is its present capableness. The human encephalon can ne’er execute undertakings as expeditiously or as indefatigably than the computing machine. This is because the human encephalon can acquire bored rather easy and tends to roll from the undertaking at manus. The computing machine does non acquire tired or bored, it merely sits at that place and plants, no jobs. The human encephalon is a changeless. The ability of it has non changed any clip in recorded history, merely the cognition of adult male has changed, and this cognition is invested in the computing machine anyhow. The computing machine has altered drastically for the better in such a short period of clip that it is unbelievable. The computing machine has had betterments added to it about non-stop, from a simple computation device into a wonder of modern scientific discipline, whilst the human encephalon can non make anything but merely corsets at that place, non altering, non bettering. Emotions can, excessively, be a liability every bit good as an plus. Emotions make the head perilously unstable, public presentation topic to tempers and emotional break. The computing machine suffers no such jobs. The human encephalon is easy stressed out by events and loses effectivity when tired. Emotions blur the human encephalon & # 8217 ; s capacity to do clear, logical determinations, even when they are thrown before its eyes, and impair problem-solving capablenesss. Age besides has a annihilating consequence on the map of the human encephalon. Once senility sets in, the encephalon is of small usage to anyone, and the individual becomes a liability.

Computers are far from perfect themselves. Computers have merely a limited capacity for acquisition and even this normally is non wholly accurate, for the computing machine lacks the common sense of the human encephalon, therefore it can non accurately gain its ain error, if any. For illustration, a computing machine may direct a $ 10 million revenue enhancement measure to a individual gaining $ 30000 a twelvemonth and non wink an oculus, for if there is a bug in the plan, it can non travel in by itself and alter it. It would non even gain that it was doing a error until a human musca volitanss it and corrects it. Besides, a computing machine can non make, for creative activity requires a wonder and the capacity for independent idea, which is something the computing machine will non hold, at least in the close hereafter. Missing the ability to make, it can non truly present a menace to mankind, but one time it does get this ability, it will so be set to take over from the human encephalon.

The human encephalon is every bit unbelievable as it is flawed, whilst the computing machine is a antic machine, but earnestly missing in many facets. While neither is perfect on its ain, together they complement each other so absolutely that it is a heck of a powerful combination. ( 1436 words )

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