The Human Condition by Jon Bellion

9 September 2019

“Ba ba bam bada ba” replayes in an inescapable rotation of the recorded records by the one and only Jon Bellion in The Human Condition. Jon Bellion has featured in other songs, but the human condition is his first full album. This gives him an interesting perspective on the music industry. He has been involved with it but hasn’t felt the full pressure of it.

He is well spoken and brings up controversial subjects in his songs. “I am a robot, thoughtless and empty” is how he describes the scaring and lasting pain of other people abusing your love. And he shows us how mindless we have grown with our phones when “they ask me, I just reply slow And souls like an iPhone.” It takes a while to get used to some of the outrageous and gruesome things he has to say about people.

The Human Condition by Jon Bellion Essay Example

His first released song from the album is “Maybe IDK” and the whole song is about how we ask all these questions that are important questions but they are out of our control to handle. “So maybe I don’t know but maybe that’s okay.” I hope as you read this you can hear the tune drumming and if you can’t go listen to it. It’s worth it. Jon Bellion knows how to make you think about the world in a new way while seducingyour ears and eventually your mind.

There are 14 songs that total to fifty-five minutes of time to play through the album, but they forget that I’m going to replay my favorite parts of the song over and over. This album of music is not easily overplayed. You could go through it three or four times before feeling like you need something new to please your eager mind. The devoted fans won’t ever feel strained or unentertained from the waves of happiness create.

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