The Human Experience

3 March 2017

The art I chose was music. Without a doubt my favorite artist is Lauryn Hill. Everything she has sung has been converted turned into her music with the emotion she revealed in each and every song. The song in particular that I chose is called ‘Peace of Mind’. The song is about how she has been touched with God’s grace causing her to be relieved of her burdens thus finding a peace of mind. A sort of a before and after comparison; at first she is very confused and upset she desires a peace of mind.

After her line “Touch my mouth with your hands” she describes her life transformation after receiving this peace of mind through this person. The song is an everyday song because it describes the everyday struggles we possess as humans and the route to “get free” if you give yourself to God. The song shows the emotion of a person in struggle, but now she expresses her testimony of a fulfilled and content life because her newly gained peace of mind. The human experience that I recognize in this song is the emotion of loneliness, melancholy, stress, and times of uncertainty in the past.

The human experience emotions of this are extremely meaningful to me because the love that she received from her “Father” was the cure to her specific dilemma and assists her to rid any type of problem she will ever have. This song guides me to reinforce my belief that whatever mind shackles are holding me back can be unlocked if I let God in. At times I find it difficult to let go of certain situations in my life, and I often neglect to talk about them. Peace of Mind’ by Lauryn Hill focuses on the rejuvenation and fulfillment from God the Father. The social value that this song expresses is that it is a very touching song that can stir the emotions and impact anyone’s life who listens to it. The song gains its cultural value due to its mutual understanding around the globe. However, not all are Christians in this world every culture shares a belief in their God or higher power that brings faith, hope, and love to daily life.

Peace of Mind’s moral value illustrates the relationship based in insecurity and neediness opposed to true love. I can relate this to my rough childhood experiences involving some of my family members that I could not get passed until I found a man, my husband, who showed me real love is self-less (“you make you desire pure”). I can personally say I have learned a love from this album and song specifically. Resources: I Gotta Find A Peace of Mind . (2008). Retrieved from http://www. songlyrics. com/lauryn-hill/i-gotta-find-peace-of-mind-lyrics/

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