The Human History

4 April 2015
This paper examines the influence of historical events on future actions.

This paper examines the influence of historical events on future actions. The author discusses how historical events are being idealized and nurtured. Furthermore, an example of how the French Revolution seems to have served the Russians is further discussed.
“Thus, it should not in any way surprise us that the leaders of the Russian Revolution should have looked backward in time and westward in geography to the French Revolution as an arena from which both pragmatic strategy and intellectual inspiration might be drawn. French society before the revolution in that country suffered from many of the same particular ills by which early 20th-century Russian society was afflicted. Moreover, the leaders of the French Revolution couched their desires and their goals in terms that were more appropriate to a fellow European nation than had the leaders of the American Revolution, which was (of course) in large measure about seeking to cast off colonial rule.

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But the French, like the Russians, were seeking not to escape from the influence of some foreign power but rather to find a voice for their own people against the previously deafening voice of the monarchy. “

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