The Human Personal Identity

4 April 2015
An analysis of the different theories of personal identity and its formation.

This paper tackles the issue of personal identity. The author examines the leading theories of personal identity: the Soul Continuity Theory, the Brain Continuity Theory, the Body Continuity Theory, and the Memory Continuity Theory. This paper gives some detail on each of these competing claims and proves that in fact none are correct and personal identity is some combination of the above.
“There are many theories as to what exactly constitutes an individual’s personal identity, their self-identity over time; the very thing that makes them unique from all other beings. This paper will show, through a defense and counterargument of the best of these competing theories, the soul theory, that it as well as the others fall short of defining personal identity and that in fact true PI is constituted through both the brain and the soul.”

The Human Personal Identity Essay Example

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