The Human Resource Function of Harrison Brothers Corporation

How does McCain view her role as human resource manager? As a human resource manager she seems interesting in promoting the organisational performance. She said she is so much busy in defining various gaps and making planning to fill those gaps. She seems much busy in interview and selection process and also helping in training to the new staffs. She is found to be initiating for establishing the systematic disciplinary action.

She is also involving in enhancing the performance by creating commission/incentives for the sales person who sales more than breakeven. By all these facts, what I found is she is doing the analysis of the previous gaps and planning and initiating the gap fulfilment strategy but has been suffering staffs and time constraints. But due to the lack of staff in HR section she have to give more time in selection process and not been able to better coordinate with other department. So as a HRM she is doing well even though there are many things to do. 2. What is Harrison brother business strategy?

The Harrison brother’s business strategy is to promote the employee quality and performance. Also they want to generate neither more income from nor performing sector by converting its utilisation patterns. They wanted to hire the staff have good understanding of the merchandise skills and who can understand the customer needs. Basically they are in aggressive marketing strategy where they can enhance their brand loyalty customers. They want to reduce the cost by using innovative technique and forecast systems. And mostly they want to improve the productivity of the staffs especially of the head of department.

They wanted to reposition of their old style of marketing. And wanted to be the top retail store in the north. 3. What is the structure and staffing of HR? The HR system in the organisation seems less comparatively as per the requirement. The HR manager is leading the HR Function and has very few staffs under. There are many staffs consisting of 15 department and only one manager and some assistant level are doing HR function. So what I see the most critical part is they have high turnover in the organisation and HR manger is always busy in selection process and training. And she was not getting good time to develop the coordination.

So she was not been able to find out the actual cause of turnover from the origination. Every other manager has the department head to assist them but in HR section no HR focal person working in the department. So the staffing and the coordination part is lack. 4. Analyse the data in Exhibit 1. 4. What are its implications? From the table we can interpret the perception of the managers. Here store managers seem interesting in most of the portfolio. Store manager given equal ranking for HR function and conceptual part where as HR manager given high priority for staffing only and performance management only.

The strategy of the organisation is directed towards change management but HR manager is more concentrate in the staffing and performance only. So as per my view the store manager is more aware in the change process. The turn over is high in organisation but both the manger are not giving it high importance because they rank compensation and safety in low. Store manger seems interested in giving training but HR manger not giving high importance. So in this table what we can say that the coordination is weak and the focus is different.

Event though the focus should be different but it should be in line with the organisation strategy. So first what I want to say that all manager need to be trained on the strategic movement and need to develop the action plan and prioritise the task. In many organisations they fail is due to the overlapping of the function, here we also can see the same scenario so the HR function should be the focus of more on HR and supporting from Store managers only. But here store managers seems getting more focus on every angle of the job which need to be done by other department. 5.

Given the organisation’s size and strategic goals, evaluate the development of the human resource functions at Harrison Brothers. What problem do you see? How could its major human resource functions be improved? In this case what I get the point is: * Organization strategy is different and department head strategy is different. * Gap are high in HR function because of the limited time and resources * HR seems only involving in selection process and not making other attention because of resource gap * HR department is lead by manager and not been able to perfor well.

Staff turnover is high * Slow process of management response * Duplication of the function * Less effective staffs So to improve the function of HR, there is high need of the vice president who will lead the HR function and need to increase the HR manager to support in each department. There is need to develop the HR guidelines as per the strength and weakness analysis. Motivation factor for the good workers need to be incorporated to reduce the high turnover. Interdepartmental corporation need to be the focus intervention etc. Comment space:

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