The Hunger Games

The movie “Hunger Games” is taken place after the apocalypse in North America. Hunger Games is about a violent game between the girls and boys between the ages of twelve and eighteen years old who are forced to enter their name in the system so it can be drawn like the lottery tickets. Their name is chosen randomly like the lottery number, once their name is drawn they have to go and represent the district where they are from and thrown into one big arena and forced to fght each other in order to survive. The capitol has the control all over the districts and restricted their freedom.

The rich who lives at the capitol anticipates this game for every year because they see this as the form of televised entertainment, while the poor who live over at the twelve districts dreads it, because they know they have small chance of surviving the game. Hunger games portrays the poor structure of the government that favors the people who lives at the capitol, while it also leads to poverty and restricted freedom for the poor (government control), killing their own citizen who rebelled against the capitol and think theyre doing the favor for the winner to have a better life. This is a good sentence, but it’s pretty long. If you want to revise this for your portfolio, try either dividing this up into two sentences I picked the Hunger Games movie, because this movie was a hit in the box office and received about 84% good reviews from the rotten tomatoes website, however it also has a lot of potential scenes or issues that could be brought up into a larger conversation and it could also be tied up with the recent issues in todays world.

Most people often see the romance between the actors, but the movie itself actually brings a lot of moral issues and question. For an example like, In the beginning at the movie e see before they draw the names for the tributes, they show a video from the capitol the message of the video is saying The winner of the game is the reminder to all the districts of the generosity and forgiveness from the capitol after they rebelled against the capitol and create a war against the country that fed them and cared for (There’s another run-on.

Watch out for these. ). This is how remembering our past, and safeguard our future. The idea of people at the Capitol is to giving them a gift for one person for a better life after they rebel against them, but they have to go through battle killing twenty three other people in order to win the game. The capitol doesn’t portray the idea of democracy. The issue in Hunger Games is somehow similar to what is happening in this world today with the Syria how the government is punishing their own citizens who rebel against them.

In the Hunger Games, the government at the capitol isn’t directly killing the rebellious people like in Syria, in Hunger Games the way they punish it by controlling all of the district movement, limit their freedom, making all the young people fght each other once a year. I think by aking all the young people fight against each other, the government is trying to eliminate the younger generation of poor people who live at the districts; in that way theyre destroying the younger generation in order to prevent the increase the population around the district.

However in Syria, the citizens want democracy from the government, they began their protest and advocating the idea of democracy to the government since 2 It didn’t go very well witn the government the protesters were getting punishment by the government, they were being kidnapped, murdered, ortured, and recently Syria has been all over the news because the government was using a chemical weapon on their own citizens (Sorry, but I got to point out this run- on, as well. ). Syria government is trying to control their own citizen by using military and physical force to scare and intimidate their own citizens.

There are similarities between the Syrian government and Hungers Games, both are punishing their own citizens because they rebel and question their own government. Even though one is a fiction movie and one is a recent event in real world both of them have something n common punishing their own citizens for rebelling to the government. During the movie, as an audience we see how the government control plays a big role in the lives of the poor people who live all over the districts. They have restricted freedom, and the government monitors all of their movement.

When I went on a research to find something about the government control in the hunger games, I found something an article from the vigilintecitizen. com “In Panem, the concepts of democracy and freedom have disappeared from America to be replaced by a high- tech dictatorship based on surveillance, monitoring, mass-media indoctrination, olice oppression and a radical division of social classes. The vast majority of the citizens of Panem live in third-world country conditions and are constantly subjected poverty, famine and sickness. ” (What’s Panem? Only in the movie we see a high tech dictatorship, police oppression, third world country conditions and radical divisions of social classes that we don’t see in United States, however the movie and United States have something in common like surveillance, monitoring our web history, email, and google researches. There is also mass media indoctrination in United States to some extent. The Capitol government in the movie often uses the police force for the people at the district to prevent any more rebellious from the people over at the district.

The idea of government control is not only an issue in a fiction movie, it is also an issue in a real life like a recent issues in United States on how Edward Snowden leaks a secretive information on how the government is monitoring our phone and our internet researches. Privacy is something what American values and as American we should care and pay attention to the government reading our email and monitoring us because the government could go to the extreme and we ould end up somewhat like the Hunger Games government having to monitor and surveillance their citizens to the extreme .

This is the idea of the big brother keeps monitoring of what you do no matter who you are and most people think the government is invading their own citizen’s privacy. Government control is such a popular issue in this world, and hunger games movie portrays somewhat the idea of government control correctly on how the their using technology to watch their citizens and the tributes at the game. (I’m not sure if you explained how technology is used to spy on people in the movie.

Hunger Games is really a phenomenal movie not only it involves romance and get 84% good reviews from the rotten tomatoes(You mentioned this already. Be careful not to be repetitive. ). The movie itself brings a lot of moral and ethical question to the audience. I recommend people to see it, however it might be a good idea to not bring children under thirteen years old to watch it, because the movie is really violent. You can see in this movie boys and girls between the age ot twelve and eighteen killing each other, slashing each other, and snooting each other.

This movie wouldn’t be a good fit for children under thirteen too many violent scenes, and they could have different ideas in those violence scenes, however adults should see it because it has a lot of moral and ethical issues in the movie. These issues in the Hunger Games are relatable to the issues in todays world because people needs to see what the issues can be done to a bigger community. Even though right now in United States we are not experiencing these kind of issues, there are other countries who are experiencing the government control to the extreme, and the government killing their own citizens like Syria.

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