The Hunger Games Character Essay

The character that I felt strongly about from Suzanne Collins’ hit novel “The Hunger Games” was Katniss Everdeen, a rebellious and out-going teen who takes her sister’s place as tribute in the 74th annual Hunger Games. Throughout the novel, she displays important values that made me feel strongly about her. These include, her caring nature for others, Competitive attitude and her determined mind. Katniss Everdeen (the main character) is a teenage girl who lives in an impoverished coal-mining region in the country of Panem.

She showed no fear when she took her sister’s place as tribute as she knew that she had made the morally correct decision. After her father sadly perished in a tragic mining explosion, she learned to fill her father’s shoes as her mother was in no state to support her family. It was Katniss’s strong-willed mindset that got her and her family through those though times. Although she continually displays her traits throughout the novel, she does learn some new values that aid her whilst in the Hunger Games arena. She becomes tactically aware and learns not to trust people as she is in a kill or be killed environment.

The main value that made me feel strongly about Katniss was her determination to get things done. Growing up in harsh conditions, “where you can starve to death in safety” taught Katniss to rebel against the rules in order for the survival of herself and her family. With no father and very little income from her mother, there would be numerous nights where her family would have to go to sleep with an empty stomach. Fortunately, Katniss, an experienced Archer could hunt game to either sell or eat. She was the wax that kept her family’s candle of life burning. It was slow-going at first, but I was determined to feed us. I stole eggs from nests, caught fish in nets, sometimes managed to shoot a squirrel or rabbit for stew…I kept us alive”. In her modest self, she would say that she is ‘average’ at archery, however she is truly outstanding. “ She’s excellent,” says Peeta. “My father buys her squirrels. He always comments on how her arrows never pierce the body. She hits every one in the eye. ” Her determination also helps her survive inside the Games arena. Once the rules of The Games were changed, the best tactic was teamwork.

Unfortunately, Peeta, the other District 12 tribute, was badly injured. However, the Gamemakers placed one item in which each District needed the most, and District 12’s was an antidote for Peeta. Peeta held Katniss back as it was an extremely risky and dangerous procedure. Katniss was determined to heal Peeta, so she set out for the item aware of the danger that will follow. “Without hesitation, I sprint for the table. I can sense the emergence of danger before I see it. ” She wasn’t going to let anyone stand in her way. These acts of determination inspired me to try my best in everything I do.

By witnessing her actions, I have gained useful values, which I can apply in different aspects of life, whether it is out on the sports field or in the classroom. Determination is a key value that is demonstrated very convincingly by Katniss, that is why I felt strongly about her. Another key value that Katniss expressed in The Hunger Games that made me feel strongly about her was her caring nature for others. I believe that this is her strongest value because she is kind and cares for everyone, however, mostly her sister. A prime example of her caring for her sister is when she takes her place as tribute.

She does this, as she knows that Prim has no chance of winning and surviving. “I volunteer, I volunteer as tribute” were the words she said as she placed her younger sister into the safety of the crowd. As a result of this brave action, she is given respect from the crowd, when they raise three fingers to their lips. Another example of her caring nature that made me feel strongly about her was when she laid flowers on Rue when she died in The Games. Rue became Katniss’s companion after Rue saved Katniss from getting attacked by tracker-jackers, a more lethal type of wasp designed by the Gamemakers.

It is apparent that Katniss cared for Rue even though they were from different districts, because Katniss sang a song to Rue who was in the last stages of her life. Katniss shows her true inner self by expressing her emotions she even lets out tears. “ For a moment, I sit there, watching my tears drip down on her face”. It is the caring Katniss that really inspires me. I wish I could bring myself to sacrifice yourself for someone else, when you know that you are putting your life on the line, and I’m sure many people would also be unable to do that as well. Her caring nature links back to her determination.

Her goal is to look after her younger sister through the times that she is legible as tribute for The Hunger Games. She cares about her sister’s safety and will do anything that is possible to look after her. This value is very creditable but is also hard to master. Seeing Katniss display this quality makes her a role model that many people, who have read the novel, including myself, aspire to be like her. Katniss Everdeen also shows her competitive attitude. This made me feel strongly about her as I could relate it to things that I do myself, such as sport.

However, she is competitive to stay alive in the Games and competitive to survive in her district. She has to be competitive In order to survive in not only The Hunger Games event itself but also back home in District 12. She is lucky that there is only a minority that dares to going hunting in the woods, but she needs to have the cleanest kill so that the baker will buy her squirrels instead of another person’s kill. “He always comments on how her arrows never pierce the body”. From a very young age, Katniss has developed her competitive nature because she has had to scavenge for food, especially after her father’s death. He always comments on how her arrows never pierce the body”. She is also competitive during the games, when see is standing in the starting circles and see is eyeing the equipment up. “ I’m fast. I can sprint faster than any of the girls in our school” “ I know I can get it, I know I can reach it first”. This competitive attitude was a quality that kept Katniss alive during The Hunger Games. I felt strongly about Katniss because of this quality as I could also identify myself with this quality. In most things I take part in, I will try and win, whether it be in a race, or a school test.

However, Katniss’s competitiveness is much more serious as her life is on the line, and if she does not succeed with whatever she does, it is most likely that she will die. In conclusion, I felt strongly about Katniss Everdeen as she is a prime example of what the all round person should be like, Determined, competitive and caring. I am sure many people would agree that she has inspired the reader to take risks in their lives and adapt these three qualities into their own lives. And “may the odds be ever in your favour! ”

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