”The Hunger Games” Trilogy by Suzanne Collins Essay Sample

The trilogy of The Hunger Games written by Suzanne Collins. focuses on a state that is being controlled by an oppressive authorities and the people who are contending against it for their freedom. Although the odds are against the Rebels. they continue to battle dictatorship at the hazard of their ain lives. The narrative takes topographic point in the non excessively distant hereafter in a state called Panem. which represents the United States. The Capitol. which is the centre of the national authorities. is a barbarous and really advanced city. exercises political and physical control over the full state of Panem. One of the methods used by the authorities is the one-year deadly “Hunger Games. ” The chief character. Katniss Everdeen is the female testimonial or participant stand foring District 12 in the authorities sponsored to- the-death competition called the Hunger Games. Each of Panem’s twelve territories chooses one female and one male between the ages of 10 and 70 to take part in the competition. but in the terminal. merely one will last. The Capitol uses assorted systems to pull strings the territories to maintain the people under control and life in uncomfortable conditions which become progressively terrible over clip.

The Capitol is the governing authorities of Panem in the novel. The Hunger Games. This authorities focuses on commanding its citizen population by impounding goods from each territory. The authorities takes nutrient. transit. protection. private belongings. energy. and most significantly. communicating between each territory. Without these six necessities the territories are at the clemency of the Capitol. In order for the people to acquire these necessities each territory must look to the Capitol for aid. which is the ultimate end of the authorities. One of the Capitol’s policies is that when a territory produces the needed sum of goods or services for the authorities the territory is rewarded with a little per centum of that production and a nutrient allocation. In The Hunger Games. Katniss Everdeen says. “District 12 – where you can hunger to decease in safety. ” ( The Hunger Games. 6 ) . Katniss’ attitude is justified because District 12 is the poorest District: it can non bring forth adequate coal to run into the Capitol’s demands. and hence. does non have its nutrient allocation. During one of Katniss’ visual aspects at a Capitol map. she sees what the people are making with their cherished nutrient. and she despises them. “And here in the Capitol they’re purging for the pleasance of make fulling their abdomens once more and once more. Not from some unwellness of organic structure or head. non from spoiled nutrient.

It’s what everyone does at a party. Expected. Part of the merriment. ” ( Catching Fire. 88 ) . This illustrates that the Capitol does non care that people are hungering in the territories. The people are being starved intentionally. Transportation system for each territory is extremely limited ; walking is the chief signifier of transit within the territories. All territories. except District 6. have entree to the authorities owned train. but it is really expensive to utilize. There is merely one manner citizens can utilize the train at no cost. and that is if they are chosen as testimonials for the Hunger Games. In District 12. Katniss Everdeen volunteered as testimonial in topographic point of her sister. Her household is non affluent so she got to sit the train to the Capitol for the first clip. “Of class. I’ve ne’er been on a train. as travel between territories is out except for officially canonic responsibilities. ” ( The Hunger Games. 41 ) . The Capitol controls the district’s transit in order to smother communicating among the territories. If the people are allowed to pass on freely they would be able to plot the overthrow of the authorities.

Districts 6 and 13 specialize in transit. Not much else is known about District 6 other than its production is transit largely for the Capitol. In the first book of The Hunger Games trilogy. readers are told that during the Dark Days the Capitol destroyed District 13. which is known as the Graphite and Nuclear District. The Dark Days refers to the rebellion of the 13 territories of Panem against the opinion Capitol. which resulted in 12 territories being defeated. and District 13 being obliterated. District 13 is believed to be uninhabited. with the ruins still smouldering from the toxic bombs. However. at the terminal of Catching Fire. Katniss learns that District 13 is being used as a base for the new rebellion. In Mockingjay. it is revealed that District 13 was ne’er destroyed. but that they moved underground due to a non-aggression treaty with the Capitol. District 13 is developing and fabricating new types of arms based upon what have been captured during the battle with the Capitol. The territories are non allowed to interact with one another. Their chief signifier of interaction is through the Hunger Games ; hence. the people who are able to form any kind of revolution are the masters.

Victors are testimonials who have won by lasting the old Hunger Games ; they receive income and lodging from the Capitol for life. The masters have the ability to put to death their program by utilizing the Games themselves to air the rebellion. In Catching Fire. the testimonials all join custodies on camera demoing integrity between the territories. This action was the flicker that brought the territories and citizens into a War against the Capitol. Another case of communicating among the territories is brought approximately in the 3rd book of the trilogy. Mockingjay. The Rebels use aggregate media propaganda during the one-year Hunger Games to acquire their message to all of the territories. Their propaganda picture. more normally known as propos. are the advertizements. messages. interviews. and movie footage produced by the rebel side. Beetee is a male testimonial from District 3 and a subsister of the seventy-fifth Hunger Games. Beetee. an expert with electronics. is in charge of acquiring the propos to air in the Capitol by choping its broadcast medium system. which he did many times. The first propo that successfully broke the Capitol’s systems was the cartridge holder of Katniss standing in forepart of the infirmary after it was bombed.

The Capitol reacted in choler by assailing one of the Rebels. “The camera knocked down to enter the white tiled floor. The hassle of boots. The impact of the blow that’s inseparable from Peeta’s call of hurting. And his blood as it splatters the tiles. ” ( Mockingjay. 134 ) . This violent reaction by the Capitol was a warning to the territories. but it merely made the territories more determined to arise. Government’s penalties for citizens who break the regulations of the Capitol are utmost and painful. The authorities devises three methods of hurting: physical. emotional and political. The physical hurting involves the organic structure. For illustration. if a citizen is a treasonist through address. the individual is turned into an Avox by holding his or her lingua removed. Darius is one of the youngest Peacekeepers in District 12.

He was turned into an Avox for interfering with a public tanning. Some Peacekeepers hold public whippings to frighten the local community into entry by puting an illustration. Romulus Thread. the Head Peacekeeper of District 12. whipped Gale Hawthorne for a offense known as poaching. In Catching Fire. during Katniss and Peeta’s Victory Tour of District 11. an aged adult male was executed for toasting Katniss. which the Peacekeepers considered an act of rebelliousness against the Capitol’s regulation. The authorities uses executing as its ultimate signifier of penalty and control.

Emotional penalty is when the authorities uses people-against-people as a signifier of emotional penalty. In the 3rd and concluding book. Mockingjay. Peeta is held confined by President Snow and is used to “break” Katniss and the rebellion. During one of Katniss’ emotional dislocations. she talks with her sister. Prim. about what they think the Capitol is making with Peeta. ‘“So. what do you believe they’ll do to him? ” I ask. Prim sounds about a thousand old ages old when she speaks. “Whatever it takes to interrupt you. ”’ ( Mockingjay. 151 ) . Another testimonial who has suffered through the Capitol’s anguish is Finnick Odair. a male master from District 4. In Mockingjay. Finnick is profoundly hard-pressed and unable to concentrate on anything but salvaging Annie Cresta. his married woman who has been kidnapped and is being tortured in the Capitol. Katniss realizes that Finnick’s jobs over the last few old ages are due to the Capitol’s emotional anguish. “As I whisper my find of Snow’s program to interrupt me. it dawns on me. This scheme is really old intelligence to Finnick. It’s what broke him. ” ( Mockingjay. 155 ) . Katniss knows that she is non entirely in this hurting that President Snow is doing.

Two chief political methods the Capitol uses to command the citizens of Panem are peacekeepers and Nuclear arms. The Peacekeepers are a force of military constabularies controlled by the Capitol whose undertaking is to keep order and laterality throughout Panem utilizing inhuman treatment and ferociousness. The Peacekeepers are really rigorous in larger territories such as District 11. but in territories such as District 12. they bend the regulations to fulfill their demands. Peacekeepers use harsher regulations in the bigger territories for the larger population. Punishments for lesser offenses differ between territories and are determined by the districts’ Peacekeepers. In Catching Fire it is noted that most Peacekeepers from District 12 think that 40 tonss for illicitly runing is more than plenty. while in District 11 Peacekeepers think that 40 is barely adequate. In The Hunger Games. Katniss’ ally. Rue. depict how a simple-minded male child was shot dead by the Peacekeepers for maintaining a brace of night-vision spectacless that he used for drama. The ultimate penalty throughout The Hunger Games trilogy is the legion bombardments within the state of Panem. District 12 was bombed and its citizens were killed because of the consequences of the seventy-fifth Hunger Games. The Capitol was evidently displeased with the rebel’s actions and retaliated.

The Hunger Games trilogy is a young-adult science-fiction thriller series written by Suzanne Collins. Katniss Everdeen. the story’s storyteller. tells the narrative of a dominating Capitol and the mistreated 12 territories of Panem. The Capitol is the governing authorities of Panem. The Capitol is a oppressive absolutism that holds entire political and economical laterality over Panem. implementing its regulation through an ground forces of Peacekeepers. capital penalty. propaganda. and the Hunger Games.

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