But the seperation has allowed scientists to rely solely on science without having to change observations or evidence because it contradicts religion. Science is the observation of the natural world however religion deals with an element of a supernatural world. Therefore you cannot use science to prove all of religion. For example; if something was happening outside, and you could not go outside, would you be able to prove it is happening? No, but does this make it not true?

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No, It Is true, but you cannot prove It. You however, believe It Is true. Thats what religion Is, belief on what you think Is true. This Is why rellglon Is based on faith whereas science Is based on fact. On the other hand however, the seperation of science vs. religion has caused upset among religious believerswho are also science enthuisiasts. They believe that religion and science can go hand in hand. You can believe in science and religion even if they comtradict eachother. An example of this is Dr.

Ard Louis. He is a physicist and a christian. He manages to accept the differences but still has strong faiths in both. This shows that you can believe in both despite the differences. In conclusion I believe that the seperatlon of religion and science was a good thing because science cannot prove religion. In some respects It does, but major aspects of religion are supernatural elements, which cammot be proven by science. So the seperatlon causes less confusion, and as I believe was a good thing z)

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