The Ideology of Racism

4 April 2015
Discusses how racism could not exist without the belief that one race uses race to its advantage.

This paper takes a look at racism– what it is and what is the root of its power.
“Racism is leftover baggage from the slave trade and slavery. In the year 2002 there are people who believe that there is no longer any racism and there is only one race, the human race. Many of the people that accept these views as true, that it is only the human race, are a part of the majority group in the United States, which are white people. The majority group of people uses the ideology of racism to justify the injustices that are set upon the minority groups. A few of the injustices that they try to justify are how people differentiate between the Black community, versus the White community, in terms of the job opportunities and the types of training that are received. Therefore, racism is based on ideology or belief systems.”
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