The Immigrant Experience-Coming to America.

12 December 2017

During the passage, immigrants-to-be experienced hunger, thirst, fear and a great percentage of them also experienced homesickness, Those people probably were not aware of the difficulties that they were going to face on the way to the New World ND some of them even regretted leaving home. When arriving in Philadelphia, those who had the money to pay for their freight were let off first. The next ones to be let off of the ship were the ones who were healthy and, consequently, had more chances of getting purchased (redemption’s).

The sick ones were left In the ship until they recovered or died. Those who were purchased had to work for their owners” from 3 to 7 years depending on age and health. On many occasions, families were sold to different purchasers and they were not able to see each other for years or even for the rest of their lives. In this document, the author let us realize that the decision to come to America was not always worthwhile. The distress immigrants had to experience during the journey and also the type of life they would have In America was definitely not what they were expecting at all. . Hugh Bottler Recounts the Discontent in Ireland that Resulted in Emigration In this document, Bottler describes the situations in which people in Ireland were currently living under and relates the emigration especially to poverty (the “pull”).

The Immigrant Experience-Coming to America. Essay Example

He also says that many people had been migrating to America attracted by a better life ND more Job opportunities (the “push”). However, he Is aware of the fact that 1 In 10 men do well abroad and the rest lives In a horrible situation. Even being aware of these facts, people still wanted to migrate attracted by the story of those who succeeded.What I could learn from this document is that the factors that attracted people to come to this country back in the 18th century are still the same factors that attract people to this country in the 21 SST century. Stories of people who came here and made a lot of money or succeeded somehow are still the ‘the push” for those ho are unsatisfied In their home countries. The American Dream of having a better life, family and a house is still present in today’s society, and even though people know that they may be explored, forced to leave family members behind, and suffer discrimination and humiliation wont stop them from coming to America.Back in the 18th century people would board on a ship and come to America to either sell their labor or to try to have a better life in this country.

Nowadays, people do not pay to board on ships anymore. But they pay coyotes and agents to facilitate their entrance ears and years in order to pay for the Journey and in some cases, even use their family members as a guarantee. 3. J. Hector SST. John De Occurred Celebrates the Possibilities of America for Its Immigrants In this document, the author brings up the good aspects of immigrating to America.He sees America as the land of opportunities and freedom where there is no aristocracy, members of church or covet benefiting a certain class.

In his opinion, the rich and the poor were closer to each other than they were in Europe and that allowed social mobility. He also mentions that an English man should no longer insider England his home country because it was not providing him with the basic needs for subsistence. He, then, introduces the creation of a new “race”- American. An American would be the mixture of a variety of races: Irish, French, Dutch, Scotch, Germans and Swedes.In his opinion, individuals of all nations are melted into a new race of men. The most important points touched by the author are freedom and equality, and these are still reasons that make foreigners move to America. People come to this country with the hope to be whoever they want to be and be treated the ay that they deserve to be treated, regardless of race, creed or color.

4. Peter Calm, a Traveler, Observes the Variety of Labor in the Colonies Peter Calm analyses the different types of laborers present in the American colonies in 1750.He categorizes them into 2 groups: free persons (those who were able to pay for their “passage” and indentures) and slaves. Free persons who were able to pay for their “passage” usually had to work for their masters by the year; however, they were free to leave anytime they wanted. I they decided to leave before the year ended they were in danger of losing their wages. Another type of servant was the indentures. These people were the ones who did not have the money to pay for their passage and so had to get purchased.

They usually had to work between 3-7 years.Some indentures paid for only half of the passage. By doing so, they would save some money, and in their conception, experience the culture and learn the language while working for their masters, what could help in the process of “Americanization”. This type of indentured was preferable to all others because not so much money had to be spent at one time. Negroes (blacks) were the most expensive type of servant. A lot of none had to be spent at the time of purchase and they would be under the responsibility of the masters until he dies or the masters decided to set him free.Peter Calm sees the labor in America from an analytical point of view and points out the pros and cons of having a specific type of servant.

He also points out the fact that although there were laws protecting Negroes from getting killed, not a single white man had suffered punishment for killing a black servant. 5. Benjamin Franklin Opposes the Migration of Non-English into the Colonies, 1755 Franklins opposition to the migration of non-English into the Colonies is based on schism and natives.From his point of view, bringing Negroes, Germans, Spaniards, Italian, French, Russian and Sweden to the New World would Just contribute to the increase of the population in America by people that would bring their habits, Franklin defends the idea that America should be occupied Just by English because they are the only ones who, with the Saxons, are purely white. By doing this, America would have a “brighter light to the eyes of the inhabitants of Mars or Venus”. Today, I can only imagine how frustrated Franklin would be if he was still alive. America’s population is getting more mixed each day.

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