The Impact of Child Abuse in Human Development

4 April 2015
A study on child abuse and its affects on the growth of a child into a healthy adult.

This paper explores the issues and long lasting results of child abuse to the individual being abused and the society as a whole. The paper defines the different types of child abuse: physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse. It describes the legal ramification of harming a child. The author finds that the long-term impact of child abuse on human development is the loss of an individual’s ability to build and establish a healthy relationship (sexual or otherwise) with other people.
Child abuse is an issue most people are concerned about today because of its serious, dangerous effects that can cause a burden in our society, including the family (especially the abused individual) and legal institutions. It is a social issue because it is widespread in occurrence in the American society, and is affective legally because of the violations the abuser makes to legal law since child abuse/maltreatment is treated as a crime in the justice system of United States. In addition, an individual who has been subjected to abuse is also affected physically, emotionally, or psychologically.
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