The Impact of Computers on a Business Paradigm

4 April 2015
A study of a new development enabling vending machine owners to keep track of their sales with the help of a computer.

A paper which examines a development by Robert Allen of Blue World, Inc., a New York-based data processing company which is developing a system that will automatically track each purchase made, at the same time transmitting an account of the transaction to the vending machine owner. The paper discusses advantages of such a system such as the elimination of waste, automatic shelf stocking and operation streamlining.
“Another and very significant benefit of timely and accurate figures is the ability to know what your customer wants, and not just what he buys. For purposes of analysis, items can be grouped into different categories. Lunch is not just packages of white chocolate macadamia nut cookies, or bags of potato chips. It’s also snack foods vs. sandwiches, and frozen dishes versus fully cooked fare. The precise and constantly updated information provided by computerized tracking systems opens up a whole new world of possibilities for vendors. Modern technology makes possible the provision of an astonishing array of products, and with schemes such as Blue World’s, a vendor need only know his customer base and its buying habits and he has open to him whole new avenues of investment.”

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