The Impact of Slave Trade on African Economy

2 February 2018

What were the impacts of the slave trades on Africa? Explore political, social, a ND economic dimensions. Did you agree with Walter Rodney et al that impact was significant t caused stagnation and underdevelopment or Joseph Miller that it was not devastating g? Slavery and the slave trade are ancient practices that can be traced back moor e than two the millennia in Africa. During the 19 century, the transatlantic slave trade radically impaired Africans potential to develop economically and maintain its social and political stability.Millions f Africans were forcefully sold and transported to Europe and the America’s as slaves. According to lectures in class by Professor Lumbar, by my understanding, t he primary goal of relocating Africans into Europe and the America’s was part Of a global cone mimic enterprise. This commerce spread from the Western coast of Africa to the rest of the continent t; from the islands of Gore and Sanitation, in current Senegal to Quicklime in present Mozart queue.

The trade affected lives of millions of diverse Africans coming from regions such as Seen gamma, SierraLeone, Westchester Africa, SouthEast Africa, the Bight of Benign, the Gold Cocas t, and the Bight of Bavaria. Moreover, it started the systemic and continuous process of e economic exploitation and social and political fragmentation that Europeans later insist centralized through colonization. Politically, the Atlantic trade led to the formation of semi feudal classes in Africa. To know that there were Africans who associated themselves with Europeans to sanction the oppression of their own people raised a question. Was it a strategic way of pr footing from trade?The fragmented political structure was related to a general state of insecurity that facilitated enslavement. These men usually would make substantial gains from the trade . Despite that Europeans were the ones who benefited from the trade the most.

The Impact of Slave Trade on African Economy Essay Example

Economical lye, the Atlantic slave trade on Africa varied according to time and geographical context; trade e was taking place from I believe; Senegal, the Coast, and upper Nigeria. Africans from the inter or would trade in European products, such as iron, cotton, textiles and some of their own kind. And in return, they would get machinery.Weapons of mass destruction” After a couple years, the e population expanded which generally shows the economically and demographically been fits from the trade. Although the Africans profited from a trade in human beings, I believe the tar De had a negative impact because the simple fact of the Europeans raiding, capturing, and tort ring Africans from the Coast. Compared to any individuals mental state in the modern world, Afar ICANN who were not involved in the trade felt like they were prevented from doing business in pea CE and security due to the thought of being kidnapped and sold. Socially,

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