The Impact of Technology on Teenagers

1 January 2017

The Impact of Technology on Teenagers As technology advances, so do teenagers, and the rest of the people from all around the world. Technology has made a huge impact on today? s society and teens have shown to be the most interested on the topic. We live surrounded by technology, we can find it everywhere and in all shapes and sizes, these amazing gadgets seem to be changing constantly. Technology takes place in our daily life and also infers in the way we talk, the way we dress, what we listen and watch.It ahs a lot of positive impacts on today? s youth, because in some way it brings people together, it increases social activity with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Skype and many others that connect us to the rest of the world. The internet offers young people a lot of great opportunities and access to an amazing amount of information, which is very useful because it helps, both, teachers and students to get a better education and information, also the process of sharing is faster and easier.

Internet helps people to fasten openness, work on their self-confidence, and greater sense of ease, and comfort while dealing with others. On a teenager’s life music is a massive and really important factor, and the way you can carry your music wherever you go to, is simply amazing. Music is very influential, it can get people in a better mood and it’s a really clear thing that it’s also motivational, on the other hand you can notice that the some lyrics are very relatable to the modern teenager, and so tis creates a bond between you and society.Technology isn’t always that good. Teens spend almost the whole time on the Internet and this has created an overuse. Some people say Internet makes close people be apart, and the distant people get closer; I agree with this somehow, I think Internet is one of the greatest inventions that has hit our society, but it also breaks the whole experience of human intercourse.

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