The Importance of Physical Education

An examination of the benefit of physical education in building correct motor skills in children.

This paper discusses the development of motor skills for appropriate ages and discerns the benefits of a physical education program for developing these skills. It also demonstrates the direct connection between physical education programs and the proper and full development of motor skills in contemporary society, with reference to some specific programs that have been developed and utilized to achieve this objective.
“Physical education is often given a secondary place in the educational services of our schools, as if it were a good thing but one that could be dispensed with if necessary. In truth, physical education is an essential component of childhood development. Consider just the development of motor skills in young children and how this is effected and improved by a program of physical education in schools. Children do develop motor skills naturally through activity and play, but physical education programs help channel childhood energy and assure that these necessary skills are acquired and honed. This is more important in a more sedentary era such as we live in today, a time when many children engage in less after-school play on their own and so need the concentrated activity a physical education program provides.”
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