The Importance of Reading and Writing Skills

4 April 2015
A study of the teacher’s role in encouraging and ensuring student’s acquisition of competent reading and writing skills.

This paper is aimed at educators of middle and high schools. The paper discusses the importance of effectively combining reading and writing instruction with content instruction. The writer compares educational methods of the 1950’s to those of today, stating the obvious improvements today. This paper emphasizes the responsibility of all teachers to understand how they can enhance and help develop their students? reading and writing skills.
Learning to read and write are complementary skills. While in the younger years, writing depends on reading skills, by middle and high school, they are complementary skills: reading is necessary to do writing assignments, while writing about what has read increases comprehension of the reading materials. For this reason, separating reading and writing instruction from content areas is arbitrary and will eventually interfere with the students’ progress in those content areas.

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