The Importance Of Wide Reading For Young eople Essay Sample

There is small uncertainty today that immature people read well less than they did in the yesteryear and surely less than they should. The grounds for this point can be found the statistics prepared by the study of Nestle Family Monitor: Young People’s Attitudes towards Reading that has discovered that. among striplings. “70 % said they would prefer to watch Television or a DVD than read a book” ( National Literacy Trust 2006 ) . Among schoolchildren and pupils. 11 % do non read apart from the school hours. and 26 % think reading is tiring.

This raises the inquiry of where we are heading. Television. picture leases. and the Internet are surely good beginnings of information. but will they replace a book? Barely so. Unless one uses the Internet to shop through literature. it will stay merely a vehicle for facts and up-to-date intelligence. Besides. a individual who needs thorough. in-depth research will hold to turn to dependable beginnings of information that are found in books.

This is merely one facet of reading. extremely of import for the younger coevals. Young people besides need to read more since reading fiction will open the manner to the cultural heritage and supply chances to bring forth their ain position of the universe. set up their philosophical place. Reading newspapers and magazines is another of import beginning since it offers childs a opportunity to see what is traveling on in the universe and to anchor their civil and political place in solid facts.

Reading does non lose its significance in today’s universe. Adolescents who stay off from this utile chase will happen themselves robbed of the chance to see the universe as it is. to savor the artistic achievements of humanity and to lucubrate a reasoned moral and political place. Through reading. they will be able to counterbalance the insufficiencies of school and college instruction and give themselves a opportunity for a balanced universe mentality.


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