“The Impossible” movie reaction paper

8 August 2016

“OHANA” means Family and Family means nobody gets left behind… This saying really corresponds with the movie I watched. No matter how and where life gets us, our blood types are forever our blood types. We can never resist anything when it comes to our family. Through ups and downs, we are one. For me, it was entitled “The Impossible” because despite of being at the much unexpected tragedy, one family still survived in the end. While I was watching this movie, I was glad that they’re really happy and excited to have their vacation and relax in Thailand. We all know that sometimes we need those things to get chilled.

Everything were in place when the worst part happened. That Tidal wave or Tsunami came and ruin everyone’s happiness… To be honest, my face was like a combination of sadness and anger. It is because of how a large wave came and ruined every little thing. Those people who were so happy enjoying their vacation were left nothing but a very tragic place. Waves are crashing them until some people wouldn’t be able to survive that time. Thailand was once seen with a very nice view, spots and great animals which attract the people having their vacation but after the wave, everything turned to disaster.

“The Impossible” movie reaction paper Essay Example

My brows look confused and were not in place while I was watching those people suffering and also the place. Some are at the top of the trees but they didn’t escape the wave due to another wave that came and made those trees lay. I was expecting that no one will ever survive from that tragedy but there I saw a hand goes up from the water and knew that there was one person left and did not drown or crashed by the wave. She was the mother of the family that I was talking about earlier. Then there goes her son who went up from under the water.

They helped each other in order to get away from the wave until they reached a place where the water was not deep anymore. I was touched by what her son did to her wound. Also, when they heard a voice that looks like another member of their family but it was not. They were not sure of it at first but they tried looking for it despite of their situation. They said, “what if that person who was trying to ask for help was them? Will some people help them if they can’t even do it first? “ They tried looking for the heard voice and found a little boy who can’t find his parents.

They were such very good person by taking the child with them until that boy found his own family. I didn’t cry because the mother was in a critical case due to her wounds and loss of blood. I cried when they found every member of their family. It was from such a very tragic event and we couldn’t think that they would still survive or be a complete family again. What was good about this family that was said was their faith that they are still hoping that they will still meet each other and they did. No one would expect them to survive and go home together from that very tragic event.

They were so strong to give their best not to give up from looking every member of their family. We can never control those calamities that would happen around us but we will always survive it if we put our trust to God and give every best of each to reach a goal. Just like this said family who never left anyone because family are like branches of the tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. It was impossible to get everything done and the love of a family is the greatest blessing …

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