The Inconvenient Truth

2 February 2019

The movie The Inconvenient Truth has a serious meaning to the world.
If everyone in the world participates to what it means we can save the world.
In this movie Al Gore was doing a speech.
He was talking about how the world is just getting hotter and hotter each year.
It is getting hot from all of the factories producing gases.
He said that in about 50 to 60 years we can be in big trouble because the earth is getting so hot.
The world of getting very hot and we need to do something.
He showed a picture of Antarctica.
He showed a picture of another one where the ice bergs where melting off of Antarctica.
He said that it is getting so hot that if part of Antarctica and Greenland had melted the worlds water level would have raised 20feet.
So many places would be under water like San Francisco, part of New York, and half of Florida and many more.

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If that happens so many people would have died all because we don’t want to stop it, I think it is a little selfish so we need to do something now.
β€œDo u think is fair?”
Al Gore is a very smart man.
It seemed like it took him so many years to find out all of this information.
He had won the noble prize for his movie.
He has talked to about ever country in the world.
There is a treaty were we are aloud to sent out a certain amount of gases cause we pollute the world so much, but ever country in the world has signed beside the united states and Australia.
This was a pretty good movie.
It had a lot of interesting facts of what we are doing to this earth.
It was sort of scary to hear that if part of Antarctica and Greenland melt over millions of people can die. Well this is a good movie and I recommend it to anyone that reads this.

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