The Ineffectiveness of the Death Penalty

4 April 2015
An argument on the ineffectiveness and unrighteousness of the death penalty.

This paper provides an historical overview of the death penalty system in the United States. The author does not justify death penalty and argues that it is rather ineffective. The author uses statistical data concerning death penalty to support his opinion.
“”One of the arguments most frequently used to justify the death penalty is deterrence. Proponents of the death penalty say that it is necessary to kill a condemned offender in order to set an example that will deter others from committing similar crimes.

The Ineffectiveness of the Death Penalty Essay Example

If the death penalty did serve this purpose, however, if it actually did deter potential offenders from committing crimes, then states carrying out death penalties should certainly be found to have a lower rate of crime than those that do not execute their citizens.”

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