The Influence of American Culture on Globalization

4 April 2015
A detailed look at how America impacted the development of globalization.

This report looks at the impact of American culture on the development and advancement of globalization. The author first examines the history of Americanization during the 20th Century and then provides an extended look at several components of the American culture that are exported on a global scale, including technology, telecommunications, economics, goods and services, language, media, entertainment, and religion. In addition, this report examines how these have impacted countries such as: Western Europe, Japan and Canada.
“For centuries, monarchs, generals, explorers, and financiers have been creating an increasingly interdependent global economy. In today’s modern age, unprecedented advances in communications, transportation, and computer technology have given new impetus to the globalization process. As the economies and cultures of the world become integrated into the whole of the global information age, the concept and reality of globalization becomes more complex and far-reaching. One thing is for sure; globalization is challenging existing social identities across the planet in many important ways. A prime example of this process can be found in the influence that American culture is having in the modern world.”

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