The influence of mass media an american culture

8 August 2016

The major developments in the evolution of mass media in the last century have really developed. listening to the radio in the olden days or having the smartest phone that enables the user to accomplish any task, and being able to multitask. Radio, television, computers, tablets, smart phones, and internet are all developments of mass media. Communication begins with a Radio from hearing news broadcast to listening to music and plays that all happened before television.

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The Radio was very real and came to life without seeing anything displayed, it was the first wireless form of mass communication. Reading the newspaper was also a great development of mass media and culture, and was a huge source of information from first hand news that happened locally or from across the country. Even though technology has progressed dramatically the newspaper has stood its ground and has millions of readers daily. Communication started with the radio from hearing news broadcast to listening to music and plays that all happened before television.

The radio was very real and came to life without having the visual effects of today’s technology and still had the effect of making people feel as if they were in the play itself, radio was the first wireless form of mass communication. The next big step in mass media was television people were able to have the visual capabilities with sound and movement and quickly became popular in every home , with a big impact on American culture and throughout the world. Watching theatre, shows, news broadcast, and plays came to life right in the living room. Television sets were so popular American homes had two to three in every household.

Mass media is everywhere in today’s society no longer just available in the newspaper or television it has expanded to high computer usage and internet that brings every bit of information from everywhere around the world instantly. Public television screens, portable mp3 players, and ipods we are constantly being brought many images, sounds, music and information from mass media informing us in our everyday lives. This has influenced the development of American culture. This influence can especially be seen in America through hip hop and pop culture it is informed and informed by mass media.

The beginning of media has developed during the last century and continues to grow daily. Media is for everyone and all cultures and never ceases to exist and is intended for large mass of people obtain information from every direction. American culture communicated by speech, everyone relied on people who told story’s and teachers to have the knowledge and to share with others. Books and newspaper was the early stages of mass media, not many books were able to print due to supplies and at first they were only available to people who could afford them.

Later more print machines were designed to print books at a higher rate and became more affordable to everyone. The telegragh machine was a big discovery in mass media it ended the need to bring information that was written or had to be delivered by people. The telegragh was a big step in information and was the start of an evolution for the radio, cell phones, and fax machines. Electronic media begun with television which help invent computers, beepers, cell -phones, smart phones, tablets, and satellites.

The world all of a sudden became digital and grew by force into the internet which gave people the capabilities to create, design and to send and to receive information fast across the world. Bloggers people on you tube, social networking such as facebook and twitter that would allow for everyone to communicate with family and friends and to meet new people all over the globe. All these developments influenced American culture not needing to listen to a story teller or a teacher everyone is able to learn on their own and indulge on the new wave of American culture and mass media. Media convergence is the merging of content through different media types. From the oldest form of media, which is books and the newest form of media which is the internet both together merged resulting in media convergence, an example is when a industry or company owns a radio station, newspaper, internet web site, television company, magazine company. The bad thing about this is that they are able to control everything they want society to hear or see. There are true facts that mass media effects American culture in many ways. Reference page 1. University of phoenix Media Influences on American Culture.

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