The Influence of Video Games in Our Lives

Whether it is an advertisement on television, an aisle in Wal-mart, or a collection in a student’s friend’s room, the ongoing increase of the use of video games among todays teenagers is stealthily accumulating. Even though there may be some ratings on games for teenagers today, I believe that the ratings should become more emphasized, and parents should have stricter guidance on the buying of games. Increasing the rating system for video games and having stricter parental guidance would be influential towards putting a stop to increasing obesity, rising violent ehavior, and disinterest in education among todays teenagers.

Teenagers in todays society are greatly influenced by playing video games during their free time. Instead of performing active, enjoyable, and lighthearted activities at home, teenage gamers are constantly occupied with excessive revel at playing enslaving video games. Now more than ever before, video games are much more complex and interesting to young gamers. Also, the advancing technology has proceeded to the point where a gamer can become engrossed in a multimedia classified as a virtual reality or lternate universe. As a result, teenagers are not getting enough exercise to stay healthy.

This recurring dilemma is causing an extravagant amount of teenage gamers to gain body weight excessively. Regardless, of how dangerous neighborhoods might have become in the twenty- first century, teenage parents should still encourage their son or daughter to operate with healthy entertainment (Lynne). Also, even though there is a continuation of growing continuation of weight watching games and the distribution of the recent game system Wii, I solely believe that there should e more bounteous advances in games that consist of weight watching genres that help maintain the gamer interested and productively active.

By the unsatisfactory habit of playing video games, it is also known that teenagers are continuing to have an increase in violent and aggressive behavior. Whether young gamers might be at school, in the public mall, or at their own grandmothers’ house, they might become more influenced to contain bellicose personalities by the dangerous enthrallment of the consistent use of violent video games. According to the college writer, Grace Shin, “When video games first came out, indeed they were addictive… owever there seems to be a strong correlation now between the violent nature of games these days and the aggressive tendencies in game players” (Shin). For instance, in Littleton, Colorado on April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold attacked Columbine High School before they committed their own suicide twenty three people were wounded and thirteen were pronounced dead. It was generally known that they both enjoyed the video game doom, which is a game, licensed by the US military to help endorse oldiers to effectively kill their opposition (Shin).

Another growing problem that is vastly occurring among young gamers is that they do now have a constant growing interest in education. While there may be some educational video games that are being manufactured, there are not enough being processed for the teenage group. Most educational games are especially made for a much younger audience. According to the psychologists, Dr. Anderson’s and Dr. Gentile’s research, instead of young gamers being intrigued with educational learning, “children are spending average, and 5 hours per week for girls.

Niolent Video Games”). Furthermore, the parents of young adult’s gamers are not strategically involved to make sure their child has some value of education in their day. I believe that parents should try to limit their child’s “downtime”. Additionally, I honestly think that teenagers would be more educated and prepared for their next stage in life if their parents would step in and be courageous heroes by encouraging them to practice educational things. Beyond recall, video games carry a few consequences with them for the average teenage gamer.

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