The Influences of Family Communication Patterns on Adult Children’s Perceptions of Romantic Behaviors

2 February 2017

Some of these future relational behaviors may consist of relational maintenance and ritual behaviors. Relational maintenance and rituals have been found to be reliable predictors of satisfaction and stability among committed romantic relationships. A routine and ordinary behavior that couples experience in their daily lives may contribute to the health of a relationship by providing a foundation for major couple events. The idea of this study is to discover how communication patterns within individuals’ family-of-origin are related to relational maintenance behaviors and rituals used within romantic relationships.

Families are children’s major socialization agents which individuals interact in interpersonal relationships to a large extent on how they have learned to communicate in their family-of-origin, so-called family communication patterns. Parent-child interactions have the capability to influence future spousal interactions and the quality of origins family relationships has predicted offspring’s marital quality. Family communication is not easy to understand and explain because of the complex way it develops. To discover how parents shaped children’s information processing.

The Influences of Family Communication Patterns on Adult Children’s Perceptions of Romantic Behaviors Essay Example

Firstly, people could learn about another person’s perspective and adopt their view. Secondly, people could learn about another person’s assessment or viewpoint and discuss it until they reached a mutually shared understanding. A complete explication of family communication needs to consider both inter-subjectivity and inter-activity. The three dimensions of family schemata which are expressiveness (conversationally oriented), structural traditionalism (conventional in beliefs and conforming) and avoidance (avoiding conflict) to investigate how it affected family communication.

Families first construct a social reality through their interactions with each other and they then widen models of communicating based on their routinized behaviors and coorientation. Conversation orientation and conformity orientation are the measurement of family communication patterns. Also, it influences behaviors within the family as they shape how family members understand their social environments and it has the influences beyond one’s original family structure. There are two types of outcomes which is behavioral and psychosocial.

Individuals who experience higher levels of conversation orientation also experience higher levels of family satisfaction. Rituals function to retain relationship and also are considered as a genre of communication events. The seven ritual types have been developed among married couples that include both meaning and routine, such as couple-time rituals, idiosyncratic/ symbolic rituals, daily routines and tasks, intimacy expressions, communication rituals, patterns/ habits/ mannerisms, and spiritual rituals.

Besides, the seven maintenance behaviors that reflected routine and strategic behaviors which is advice, assurances, conflict management, openness, positivity, sharing tasks and social networks. The association of maintenance behaviors and relational characteristics are control mutuality, commitment, love, trust, liking, satisfaction, and also attachment. The family is considered the top relationship in human experience and the most communicative behaviors are learned and developed, also the early family experiences affected later perceptions of behavior.

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All the simple values of life are to be learned from the parents, such as love, goodness, sympathy, and respect for others. These are the reasons why proper growth of children may impede in case of parental neglect, especially if parents are divided or separated. Lastly, there are many ways that parents can influence their children. I would say that these tend to fall into two categories which is children can choose to pattern themselves after what they see their parents do or they can choose to avoid being like their parents. Obviously, we as children are shaped by what we see our parents do and how we see them act.

I know that I have tried to model myself after my parents in many ways because I think they have done many things right. Besides, there are things that I think they have done wrong and I consciously try to avoid doing those things. But either way, the way I live my life has been influenced by them. 4. 2 Support * The Influence of Conformity Orientation on Communication Patterns in Family Conversations The family has long been considered as among the most attractive and important interpersonal systems and nowhere is its influence on individual behaviors more thoughtful than in the area of communicative behaviors.

Particularly families are distinguished by uniquely shared world views and value and belief systems. These value and belief systems have far reaching consequences for how family members perceive their social environment and their family’s place in it. As a consequence, how they communicate within it (Koerner, A. F. , & Eis, K. M. , 2001). On the other hand, conformity orientation of the family is one dimension of social and interpersonal relationships that has received increased awareness in the study of family communication.

Conformity orientation is one of two important dimensions fundamental family communication patterns, conversation orientation is another. “The instrument that measures family communication patterns collapses the original three dimensions into two: conversation orientation and conformity orientation. Conversation orientation is the degree to which families demonstrate high or low amounts of discussion and talk. Families high in conversation orientation usually communicate about a variety topics. Conformity orientation is concerned is with how much or how little families stress homogeneity.

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