The Insyderz – Skallelulia Too!

6 June 2019

Do you like ska, punk or hardcore? Do you liketo see electrifying rock shows? Let me tell you about a band who playsand does all these things. The Insyderz’s newest CD, “SkalleluliaToo!,” covers all types of music from ska to hardcore, plus evensome Dixieland jazz, though they mainly play fast ska. “SkalleluliaToo!” has songs like “True of You,” “Shout to theLord” and “In the Secret.” Their shows keep you jumping,and their stage presence is awesome! They are dedicated Christians whopraise God through all their music. Check out their CDs “Fight ofYour Life,” “Skallelulia” and “SkalleluliaToo!” and try to get to one of their shows.

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