The Interconnection of the Three E’s: Economy, Energy and Environment Essay Sample

7 July 2017

The intent of the undermentioned web log station is to present the reader to the relationship between our planetary Economy. the Energy that we produce and the Environment we are portion of. besides known as the three Es. My end is to give my readers a better apprehension of the connexions these three different countries have and how they relate to one another. Furthermore I would wish to enable readers to grok the increasing challenges all three E’s are confronting. and the deductions these may hold on our hereafter. What are the three E’s and what do they dwell of?

At first. thought of similarities and interconnectednesss between our economic system. energy and the environment may look absurd. All three countries are really contrastive and concentrate on wholly different thoughts and constructs. Therefore. we must foremost understand what each of them means and what they incorporate. Economy: The word Economy is a term that has to make with how a societal system converts resources into goods and services. This is achieved throughout the work that is done by companies. The goods that a company produces are manufactured stuffs that are bought from costumiers and services. Economy is really the manner that we organize ourselves’ and without a functional economic system all of our hopes and dreams will pervert. since we need sensible and utile procedures to do usage of the resources that we need in each society group. ( 1 ) Energy: Energy plays a large function for the costs of the goods and services produced. Without energy beginnings there can be no economic development. Energy is any type of renewable or unrenewable resource. Energy resources are sometimes much more of import than the money we are puting into a concern. since energy is responsible for the growing of any good produced. ( 1 ) Environment: Environment is the most of import thing in footings of resources.

The Interconnection of the Three E’s: Economy, Energy and Environment Essay Sample Essay Example

The resources that many people use to bring forth nutrient for themselves or the energy that industries use to goods are wholly connected to the environment. Peoples use the environment so intensely that there is a fright that many energy resources are traveling to shortly be depleted and accordingly. unrenewable. Humans consume natural resources every twenty-four hours no restrictions. If our society continues to germinate around this intense. and fast turning world “the following 20 old ages are traveling to be wholly unlike the last 20 years” . Resources are acquiring less and less and the environment is non matching with the upcoming and demanding evolves of society and engineering. ( 1 ) In short. our economic system is mostly dependent on energy. The production of energy. in bend. depends vastly on the handiness of natural resources. Until now. we have relied to a great extent on the usage of fossil fuels. However. as Withgott and Brennan explain. “our production of fossil fuels will get down to worsen. We can react to this challenge in originative ways. promoting preservation and developing alternate energy beginnings. Or. we can go on our current dependance on fossil fuels and delay until they near depletion before we try to develop new engineerings and ways of life. ” ( 1 ) Intelligibly. the way we are traveling to take will hold an tremendous impact on our planet and on the hereafter of humanity.

Indeed. there are many people who support this interconnection of these three Fieldss of life. and one of the most influential and at the same clip the first to seek and explicate this interconnection is Chris Martenson. In add-on to his improbably simple and consecutive to the point video-explanations. our professor has made us the subject clearer throughout our full semester. seeking to demo us different ways and illustrations that pointed out the strong relationship between these three E’s. As a affair of fact. non merely I have become more cognizant of the issues raised in this subject but I am able to do all the connexions with everything else that I have been larning throughout this semester. population growing. environmental jobs such as pollution and many other refering issues. which helped me understand the chief points that the presenter tried to expose in the picture. [ hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=msTW7D_rSm4 ]

Who is Dr. Chris Martenson. and is he a dependable individual to be speaking on this affair? Dr. Chris Martenson. is a individual who has worked with immense passion on corporate finance and strategic consulting. He has a PhD in Pathology from Duke University every bit good as an MBA from Cornell University. Furthermore. he is the Godhead of the so called Crash Course. an “online picture class that educates viewing audiences on our broken economic system. the crisis of population demographics. and Peak Oil. ” ( 2 ) Hence. given his respectable academic way and his legion accomplishments. I believe Chris Martenson to be a really dependable beginning. Add to all this. his extended research and his experience. I think he is a creditable authorization that can enable us to achieve a more all-around and planetary position on the universe and life around us.

The ‘Crash Course’ and what it is about
During Chris Martenson’s picture presentation “Crash Course” . about the interconnectedness of the three E’s. it becomes clear that each constituent is straight related to the other two constituents. Basically. in the above mentioned pictures. Chris Martenson describes the interrelatedness between the three Es. In the beginning. he proposes the thought that there is really a connexion between apparently unrelated events. such as incidents that that take topographic point in the planetary fiscal market and environmental catastrophes. More exactly. he refers to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill of April 2010 and the recent planetary fiscal meltdown. followed by a serious series of public violences and unrest worldwide.

He begins by presenting the first E – the Economy – and explains how we worlds mostly believe that in order to populate good. we need a working economic system to continue our criterions of life and quality of life. Without Energy. nevertheless. the economic system has no significance. This is when the 2nd Tocopherol enters the image. We can hold all the money in the universe. but without energy we would non be able to construct an economic system. To acquire energy. in bend. we need to do usage of resources. which are portion of the 3rd E – our Environment. This analysis demonstrates how indispensable the three Es are. and how the whole system we have created ourselves will non work if merely one of the three is losing. Afterwards. Dr Martenson goes on to explicate some cardinal observations that he has made which are characteristic of the universe around us. and an penetration into which will assist us accomplish a better apprehension of the relationship between the three E’s. He goes on explicating that it is critical for us to understand how they are connected as we can see immediate feedback of our actions and the reactions we trigger in our environment. in the province of our economic system.

When we look back at chapter 6 in our text edition ( “Environment: The Science behind the Stories” ) we can see how there ever seems to be a tradeoff between our environment and our economic system. I think it is of import to understand that steps to protect our environment frequently relate to our ethical considerations. they. nevertheless. clang with our economic involvements. As discussed in category legion times. our population has exceeded our maximal lovingness capacity and we are consuming our natural resources to a unsafe extent. However. in footings of GDP and other economic figures. every bit long as we are sing exponential growing. economic experts say. there is ‘no’ demand for concern.

The image above demonstrates how the economic system needs to turn. this is. nevertheless. merely possible with the ‘help’ of the other two constituents which are affected negatively from this economic growing activity: foremost. this growing happens with the aid of the beginnings of energy that are non prone to infinite growing or in other words will non be turning everlastingly ; and 2nd. with the aid of the resources found in our planet which are really closely to the depletion point. intending that they are unrenewable beginnings. Martenson criticizes this thought during his presentation and gives hearers the illustration of the Wembley Stadium and the generation of the individual droplet of H2O. Similar to the illustration given in our ecology category with bacteriums the other twenty-four hours. it depicted how. in no clip. we are making our environmental lovingness capacity. Materson decidedly helped hearers understand that we can non travel on with the manner we are populating right now because our resources are limited. Hence. he highlights that there is drastic demand for alterations in our day-to-day actions. Martenson. continues his address by supplying one highly interesting characteristic which all money. regardless of currency. has in common. He suggests that “all money is loaned into existence” . and illustrates it utilizing a really simple illustration. To turn out his point. in bend. he represents the fiscal state of affairs of the United States. which has $ 52 trillion debt. but merely $ 14 trillion worth of existent money.

The talker so introduces the construct of ageless growing. which is seen as a must-have by the economic experts presents.

At that point of his talk. he besides addresses the construct of another type of growing. and more exactly. that of exponential growing. Since we worlds are prone to believing linearly. in order to do us better understand the construct. the talker introduces the undermentioned chart stand foring the exponentially turning human population. The cap we see at the top of the chart illustrates the figure of people that our planet can prolong.

In add-on to the exponential human growing. Martenson goes on and attempts to explicate that in order to prolong this large figure of people in the planet. we besides ought to hold an exponential growing of resources. energy and economic system. Consequently this means that since the ‘growth’ should be exponential. it besides means that the depletion and the negative effects on the environment are exponential as good.

This oil graph shows that the universe is really close to making its extremum on oil supply. This can once more be referred back to our schoolroom treatments of resource depletion. Unfortunately modern economic experts. specifically Neo-classical economic experts. believe resources to be “renewable” on a consistent footing. I believe that if we hit our maximal extremum of oil supply now or in a few old ages. this will hold a immense impact on our day-to-day lives and finally name for some drastic planetary alterations. Furthermore. Martenson depicts the “Energy Cliff” diagram in order to exemplify his concern for energy but besides the measure of oil. It becomes clear. that we are running out of clip to happen a suited solution for this damaging issue and that in effect. our economic system is traveling to endure in the hereafter. Last. Martenson attempts to complect the points he made throughout the presentation. He refers back to his point. that our economic system must go on turning but that this occurs at the disbursal of our energy ingestion. as we continue to consume resources on a consistent footing.

After holding made the construct of exponential growing clear. the writer helps us do the differentiation between jobs and quandaries in order to reply his most cardinal inquiry which is posed subsequently in the picture. He emphasizes another highly of import factor we need to maintain in head. and that is the thought of energy returns. In other words. how much energy do we necessitate to really bring forth energy? To give an illustration of our unreasonable patterns. he addresses copper extraction. and presents the US’s larger Cu mine. the Bingham Kenyon Mine. With this. he is seeking to direct our attending to the energy needed to acquire a mere 0. 2 % of that resource.

This minimum measure is a consequence of the uninterrupted extraction of the resource. Consequently. the undermentioned graph represents the expected depletion of other unrenewable resources during the following twosome of decennaries.

This analysis and all the above mentioned facts demonstrates how indispensable the three Es are. and how the whole system we have created ourselves will non work if merely one of the three is losing. We want an economic system that can turn. but the growing of the economic system depends on energy that really can’t grow. Quite the reverse. since energy depends on depleting resources. non merely are at that place no opportunities for growing. but instead for complete resource extraction. Once. once more here is a graph that Martenson nowadayss in order for us to hold a clearer apprehension of the round dependance and interconnection of the three E’s.

Finally. this brings us to the most cardinal inquiry posed by Chris Martenson: Is the state of affairs we are confronting with respects to the three Es a job or a quandary? In my sentiment Martenson’s concluding solution is one that is effectual and long lasting. He clarifies that we must utilize less energy every bit good as fewer resources on an one-year footing. diminishing the sum of use every twelvemonth and more. get downing from now. Even though these might seem like minimum alterations at first. they will finally hold a positive long-run impact on our universe and on human life in the hereafter. In add-on he criticizes that it is critical for states to rethink their ain constructs of economic growing and the ingestion degree of their state. as we already have learned in our category to inquiry and reconsider footings such as ‘economic growth’ and ‘development’ and what constitutes them in our modern universe. Through this presentation one can determine their position on the relationship between all three E’s and recognize that it is a more or less a ‘cause and effect’ relationship ; significance that an happening in one of the E’s will hold a direct impact on the other E and will finally do a concatenation reaction. In order for us to be able to do positive alterations in the hereafter we must understand the importance of all three E’s and alter the manner we interact with them in our mundane lives. as persons.

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