The Invasion by Destroid(Excision)

1 January 2020

Last time we talked about Excision was with his most recent LP, Codename X. Let’s reverse the clock back a couple years and talk about the beginning of a supergroup project that is still continuing steadily. Destroid itself features Excision, of course, Downlink and the then new recruit, Space Laces who made the Codename X glitchy dubstep song Push It Up.
We start off the album similar to how the song Existence VIP starts out, but longer and suggest an alien invasion. That is the intro to the Drumstep/Moonbahcore song Raise Your Fists. The next two songs which, like Raise Your Fists, feature the entire group. Crusaders and Wasteland are the only two dubstep songs in the entirety of this album, yeah. That makes it interesting, and these also seem to further on the invasion idea as well. I can’t say Crusaders is my favorite of the first three though, that would be Raise Your Fists. Then we get a curve ball with a solo Excision track, Flip The Switch, which is also drumstep and features rapping from the legendary Messinian who has also appeared previously in songs like X Rated and later in xKore’s End of the Line, X Up, Ominous and Will Bailey’s Movement. One of my personal favorites. It also incorporates a DnB beat in the second drop which is nice.
We also have a solo Downlink song called Activation which is Electro. You can guess that electro house and drumstep will be prominent here. It’s a good song truly but not necessarily one of my favorites on here or even of Downlink’s, especially since Downlink was also working on an EP the same year called The Launch I believe.
Bassnectar is featured next with Put It Down along with, of course, Excision. If only Excision made more drum n bass, that would be awesome. Another one of my personal favorites probably due to the genre curve ball and because of its massive energy. Annihilate comes next as an electro song and yep, it’s another favorite of mine. This seems to bring back the Destroid, Invasion idea to a more prominent manner and even during the buildup, they manage to say (x) Destroid. They finish with the famous line “You have been DESTROID!!!!” which also signals the drop. How can I forget Bounce? The crowd favorite of this album? Scratch the part where I sad there were only two dubstep songs, I kinda forgot this one, almost. I like it myself and it could definitely make people bounce, as the song commands, although I find it to be a bit overrated as a result. This one also features Space Laces by the way. I prefer to listen to the VIP drumstep mix of this. Next up on the line, Blast Off, featuring the Japanese dubstep powerhouse, Ajapai. This, by Ajapai standards, is actually soft, I’m sure Get Down Lay Down and Brain is all you need to verify his shear nightmarish brutality. Yet another drumstep song in the books, this seems to follow the simple half-time form, which is something you would more likely see with someone like Pegboard Nerds or Tristam to be honest. It has lots of energy and is one fine Excision and Ajapai collab. If only they did more than two collabs. They are in the same labels right now, I’m sure no one mind if they made another collab. One thing this doesn’t is give me the imagery of blasting off to space. Last we have the other Moonbahcore song, Funk Hole, which also got a VIP mix. Featuring Space Laces, this does make you want to boogie down despite it being not disco and it being Excision or Destroid we’re talking about here. Funk Hole does do it’s job assuming it’s supposed to be a fun little dancable song at the end just for fun. I do have one thing worth mentioning, though there is likely to be a The Invasion 2, I would’ve liked for them to make an ending to wrap up a story here, unless this invasion is going to continue into the next album, that’s the exception. I have a feeling The Invasion 2 will be from the people’s point of view however considering from this Annihilate, Bounce, Raise Your Fists, Crusaders and Wasteland and Invasion 2 would likely have Get Stupid, Machina and Ominous to say it’s switched to the people’s perspective.
I give this a 9/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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