The Irish Republican Army

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the Irish Republican Army.

This paper presents a detailed examination of the Irish Republican Army. The writer presents a history of the I.R.A. and an overview of its political and social structure. The writer looks at how events in world history, beginning in 1790, with the organization’s inception in order to see how world events would influence the path that the I.R.A. would follow. The writer also looks at the support or lack of support the organization receives from the world community.
This show of compromise by the Irish Republican Army has re-established the lines of communication with the United States and President Bush has given his support to IRA and applauded its effort to move the disarmament along to resolve the issues. This disarmament is being done to comply with the 1998 Good Friday agreement between Britain and the Irish Republican Army (Are, 2001). Other nations around the world have also shown recent support for the IRA. In years past there was little support form the rest of the world with some exceptions. One of those exceptions is Libya.
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