The Issue Of Authority And Respect Essay

9 September 2017

, Research Paper

The issue of authorization and regard has been and will be an on-going issue between childs and their aged. In the narrative Red Dress by Alice Munro and the film Rebel without a Cause by Nicholas Ray the issue of authorization and regard comes up many times through the character actions. Authority and regard is straight linked to one another. It is really difficult to obey domination if you have no regard for authorization. In both the plant we have studied, all the characters have problem covering with the issues of authorization and regard for themselves and for others, they do non demo regard to their parents and hence does non look upon them as authorization figures.

In Alice Munro s the Red Dress, the storyteller and her best friend Lonnie have two wholly different relationships with their several defenders. The storyteller, without the reference of her male parent, is in attention of her female parent, whom she thinks butts in excessively much into her concern.

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She kind of resents her female parent for being so excessively close and nosey about her private life. Her female parent s narratives, which at one point seemed interesting to her, is now become melodramatic, irrelevant, and tiresome. She knows that her female parent merely means good but sometimes she wishes she could be like Lonnie. Lonnie is in attention of her male parent ; her female parent had passed off some clip before. Her male parent ne’er notices her and does non demo his fondness for her, she is reasonably much on her ain. The storyteller considers her as a Blue-Baby and privileged. The storyteller besides sees her female parent as shameless and obscene ; she tries to direct her friend s attending off from her female parent every bit much as possible. In the narrative, we are told by the storyteller that she was ne’er comfy for a minute in high school and was near to desperation at all times. She hated being called upon to make anything in forepart of an audience, whether it is the category or merely the instructor. She reveals that she hasn t accepted herself as who she is, ever wishing to be like person else, she hasn t learned to esteem herself as a turning adolescent which makes it difficult for her to understand the relationship between her female parent and herself. Since she lacks the proper apprehension and regard for her moth

Er and herself, the storyteller has problem seeing her female parent as an important figure, which makes her less tolerant to the other important figures in her milieus.

In the instance of Rebel without a Cause, the chief characters want to esteem their parents. They want to hold normal relationships with them but can non prehend it. They go out to look for it elsewhere alternatively. Which makes the audience feel sympathising towards them. They are identity-seeking adolescents alienated from the universe by their parents. Jim, Judy and John a.k.a. Plato is seeking for apprehension, company, and a sense of belonging. Jim is confused about his household as to who should be the adult male of the family. He sees his male parent as a poulet and he does non in anyhow want to go like him. He wishes he could see his male parent as a adult male, person he can esteem and person with authorization. Judy has communicating jobs with her parents throughout the film. She wishes for her male parent to demo more fondness for her. She seeks attending with her friends who are seen as problem doing teens. Plato has been deserted by his parents long ago and struggles to keep any sort of relationship with anybody. His actions, the shot of the puppies, the changeless prevarication to set up any involvement of his comrades, demo how emotionally-disturbed and despairing he is for any sort of relationship with anyone. He searches for connexion, person to go his household. Near to the terminal of the film, Jim, Judy and Plato run into up in an abandoned sign of the zodiac and feign to be a household. They learn to esteem and accept each other for who they are they don t make-believe to be anyone else. They find comfort within themselves and in a manner, becomes each other s household.

Authority and regard is so linked to each other. Before happening regard for anything or anybody, everyone has to larn to esteem himself or herself. When regard is found, it will surely go deeply easier to see things with authoritive position. It will besides do it easier to obey and understand authorization. It will do us stronger people, people who won t get swayed by others influence. Peoples who know what they want, people with regard and authorization.

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