The issue of violence in schools

1 January 2018

Thesis Statement: Botstein is trying to address the issue of violence in school and why the education system must change and that American high school is obsolete and should be abolished.

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I. Botstein explains how high school is run by the jocks, and how the community only supports the high school when the “varsity team” succeeds.
A. He feels that schools are run like a popularity contest and that high school is a waste of time. He speaks of the rules of high school turned out not to be the rules of life.
B. He explains how the elementary school should start earlier, and you should graduate at the age of 16 instead of the age of 18 because your body has matured faster than a century ago.

II. He ridicules the education system, stating that certain classes are to be taught only by the people who know the most about the class.
A. Botstein feels that this country needs to realize the fact that the American education system has failed because of the out of date techniques that are being used.
B. By the time students graduate from high school and go to college they are then able to realize what is really at stake and by that time too many opportunities and time have been wasted. Many students choose to go to a junior college or even stay home, because of the lack of pressure to attend a university.

III. Botstein states that 16-year-olds should be focused on developing their “adult life” and go on to other things such as joining the workforce, attending specialized schools for professional training, or going to college where at least the teachers are not there because they are popular, but because they are experts in their fields.
A. Botstein is trying to convince the reader to give up on the old system of elementary school, junior high, and then high school, but instead a “new way” of schooling.
B. He wants that reader to believe that because teenagers develop much faster than they did a century ago there is no need to hold up the students in classes that just waste their time. Instead just do the things that are needed, to get the gist of things and be off on their ways. Off into the “real world.”

IV. Botstein tries to apply a universal solution to the problem that high school is obsolete and that it only exists in a limited number of places.
A. His solution states that schools should give up junior high and jump right into high school.
B. This way they will graduate sooner, so teenagers can get a jump start on “real life.”

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