The Jenny Craig Diet System

4 April 2015
An analysis of the major components of the Jenny Craig Diet plan.

This paper examines the different aspects of Jenny Craig Inc. and its highly successful diet plan in order to determine its overwhelming international success. The paper outlines the plan’s philosophy, including the importance of healthy eating, exercise and lifestyle changes. The author discusses the regular meetings that each client attends, the one-on-one consultations, structured eating program, supplements and stringent calorie requirements. The paper points out that this program is extremely structured and that the counselors undergo many hours of training including weekly and monthly sessions with medical personnel. The paper feels that this has contributed to its success, but does point out that, due to the highly structured nature of the program, many people fail to maintain their successes after they leave the confines of the center’s program.
“Jenny Craig emphasizes the essentials of activity and an active life.

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It stresses that regular physical activity is the top factor in losing and maintaining body weight. And when one is active, metabolism increases, more calories are burned and muscle mass maintained. those who become active tend to prefer healthy foods. And when ones lifestyle is active, the common consequences are improved immune function, better hormone balance, and reduced risk to heart disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. Because of the increased energy and improved self-esteem, such clients or members begin or lead an active lifestyle.”

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