The Jewish View of Death

4 April 2015
An examination of Jewish beliefs about death and the afterlife.

This paper examines the Jewish view on death and the afterlife, beginning with a discussion of religion and theology as a whole. It then explores how the different sects of Judaism deal with the concept of death, and how it affects their behavior in life.
“What is it that Jews will face after death? How do Jewish ideas about the afterlife affect their attitudes toward death itself? This is a relatively more complicated question to answer than how the attitudes held by Christians about the afterlife affect their views toward death because in the case of Judaism there is no small amount of ambiguity.

The Jewish View of Death Essay Example

“Jewish beliefs about death cannot be understood independent of Jewish theology as a whole, and so it may be helpful to begin here with a definition of what we mean by religion as a whole. Religion is both an intensely personal area of life as well as one that is practiced publicly.”

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