The Jewish Way in Love & Marriage ( Maurice Lamm )

4 April 2015
Critical review of work on Jewish teachings, traditions & practices of love & marriage in cultural, ethical & religious contexts.

Maurice Lamm in his book The Jewish Way in Love and Marriage is writing for a specific community to explain Jewish teachings on love and marriage and how they are based on traditions found in the Bible. These principles have been applied throughout Jewish history, and while this is certainly not the first book on these issues, it is a readable book produced for the contemporary Jewish community and in terms that link these doctrines to many of the larger social issues raised in society today. The book is written not for every Jewish community but for the American Jewish community of this period of time. Jewishness is always conceived in terms of a community setting, indicating how the individual may fit into that community, serve its needs, and gain strength from it at the same time. Judaism is a religion that needs explanation and a linkage with Jewish history as an..
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