The Jokes At The Expense Of Minorites

7 July 2017

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The Jokes At The Expense Of Minorites
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The gags at the disbursal of minorities.

The disableds, mentally slow, and any minority have long been the punch line in

gags. This is incorrect in all respects. It desecrates the value of a human life and

demoralizes the people engaged in the gag. Many variables can account for these

degrading gags which may include fright of alteration, fright of acquisition, fright of tolerance,

and a fright of accepting duty.

I have watched from several positions the manner a gag is presented. Bing a

Autochthonal American I have seen most gags and other corrupting wit come by

manner of the Indi? N. Many Indigenous? have pointed the finger at the white adult male. They

persecute and topographic point all the incrimination on the white adult male. Yes, given, the colony of the

European drastically changed a manner of life that the Indigenous was accustomed to.

The white adult male killed many civilizations, linguistic communications, and people for the progress of

freedom and increase for all white work forces. In all respects, the Indigenous was effected.

Whether it be for better or for worse it happened and nil can alter it. With the

white adult male came many progresss, such as guns, expansive ships, new mathematics,

Western doctrines and literature, and thoughts of political relations and pacts. Besides came

many bad things like subjugation, debasement of life, intolerance, alcohol addiction, Indian

Militias, and unwellness. The list can go on on in both country for a enormous clip. I

have seen the Indi? n been treated severely, but so I have seen the Indi? n return the

same behavior. If the Indi? N wants to move like a victim, so let him. But he? ll get no

where and his life and society are hampered by it. I have seen the Indi? N accuse and

point the finger of incrimination to the full upon the white adult male. The clip of returning to the ways

before the European find of America have long passed. It can? t happen and it

won? T. I feel that it is the Indi? n? s mistake if he doesn? t use what he has in this twenty-four hours. He

can obtain an instruction for free and better the conditions of his state. But all I have

seen late, particularly in October, is the indicating finger and it points at the white

adult male. Why? Because it? s excessively hard to indicate the finger at himself and state? What are

you making to do it better? ? The Autochthonal American is afraid to alter. If they

weren? T, they would stand out in school and gain great success. That is the lone manner to acquire

back at anyone. True, 65 % of the Autochthonal population live in Urban countries, but they

cleaving to the susurrations of past failures in their heads and in bend follow the way to their

devastation. They are afraid to alter, which is an abuse to the Indi? n manner of life.

They mock the life they want to take by non altering.

Peoples are sometimes inclined to mock and merriment of a individual who is non the same. Who

International Relations and Security Network? T normal. Who has a disadvantage in leting them to execute the same activities

a normal individual would. This is because of an intolerance in their heads. These people

who are mentally disabled or disabled most times do non gain the differences

that exist between a normal individual and them

egos. I know, I worked with them for a

season of clip. Peoples who mock or joke about others frailties or race is due

because they feel they may be inferior or looked down upon by society if they do non

do a differentiation between themselves and the handicapped. The pigeon berry merriment, doing them

lupus erythematosus of a individual, doing them experience they are non able to bask the same rights as every

one else. Tolerance is losing. They are afraid to larn something new about a

individual. Tolerance does non intend you have to wish whatever it is. It does intend that

one will give the proper regard of being what it is. Peoples who are of a different race,

or mentally or physically handicapped can non alter that familial codification. Peoples need

to be tolerant of their being. Accept them for who they are. How would it experience to be in

the places of a mentally handicapped single? Or a Mexican immigrant from the

shantytowns of M? xico City, or even a Chinese immigrant from the upper category of

Hong Kong? Before the comment of why a individual is different is given, respect the

individual as a being first and see if it would be the same.

Accepting duty for one? s actions requires strength, bravery, and high lesson

behavior. All of which are absent in a individual who feels the demand to jest of

person? s inability. A individual who makes merriment of another doesn? T feel they have to be

accountable to anyone. Not to society, a divinity, or even their ain ego. Taking

duty shows that they are ready to endorse up whatever they hold themselves to.

Whether it be their spiritual patterns, their philosophical values, their word, or even

their ego. Person who does non hold the decency to acknowledge that they made merriment of

person due to their ignorance is a load to their name and a hinderment to society.

I have taken the duty of admiting I know nil and learn about it

until I have understood it and tolerated it. I don? T believe, follow, or agree with the

values of some faiths, some instructors, some politicians, but I have non been

ignorant in my decisions. I cast aside the ignorance and learned of it. I respect those

people or patterns with grasp. I tolerate them. I know of them. Those who

can non or are willing non are the cause of much discord and contention. It hurts

people, it kills people. And why? Because they are unwilling to alter and larn.

If people understood they have the duty to larn. To halt being nescient. To

understand that people are different, those simple gags would discontinue. The gags would

non intensify into propaganda to kill off a people or bury a type of unnatural

people. The universe around us consists of a lone few people, but our actions can consequence

the whole universe. It does non take much encephalons to ache person, it does do the route

of life much more hard when person does. The route of credence and harmoniousness

is a much easier way to go on than one who has intentionally put barriers to do

them turn about in all amusing waies. It would do me experience a batch happier if people

learned of these simple truths and abided by them.

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