The Just War Theory on the War Against Drugs

4 April 2015
A detailed analysis of the increasing war against drugs and whether this war is a just and valid one.

This paper looks into the Just War Theory of St. Augustine, and determines whether the war against drugs is war that is just and fair, or one that should be given up. The author argues that the war on drugs is something that can never be fully eradicated and rather one that can only cause for the reduction of drug use. Included are statistics as supporting evidence.
“The war against drugs in the United States is one that has been fought for many years, and seems to have no end. Its “soldiers” always seem to come upon new enemies, which there are already countless numbers of to begin with. Many proponents of the war against drugs point to the facts that drug use has declined over the years, and the numerous amounts of arrests and drug busts that are made. While those proponents support the governments quest in the elimination of drug trafficking, there are also those who disagree.The opponents say that there is no end in sight, that the drugs will continue to be produced no matter what, these people desire the profit from the occupation, and will do anything to get it. Chances are, neither of the majorities of either of these groups have looked into whether this war against drugs is a just one, and should continue, or end. Which leaves the question, should we as Christian’s be supporting this war, or would it be wrong and immoral to do so. This knowledge can only be obtained by looking into the just war theory, and making a decision from there. “

The Just War Theory on the War Against Drugs Essay Example

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