Do not thaw food on a kitchen work surface, use a leak- proof container – check it is thoroughly thawed before use Harmful bacteria are NOT destroyed until food has been cooked at a temperature of 71 oc for at least 2 minutes Safety at meal times You and the children should always wash and thoroughly dry your hands before preparing or eating food Children should never be left unsupervised when preparing food or eating and drinking If using knives and forks, teach children how to use these safely – don’t let them wave cutlery about Ensure children sit down when eating and drinking to reduce the chance of choking or tripping over Care of Animals and washed separately Ensure pet housing is clean and hygienic Do not have pets in the house that are not tolerant of children Teach children how to care for animals properly

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Teach children to wash their hands after touching pets and NOT to kiss them or let the animals lick their faces Clean up any pet ‘accidents’ immediately and dispose of everything hygienically Check outdoor areas for animal feces before children have access – don’t forget neighbors have animals too! Never leave children alone with any animals Have you checked if children are allergic to animals? Remember, if children have not been exposed to dogs/cats before, the parents may not know if they are allergic to them or not It is important to remember that even the most friendly, docile cat or dog might react iolently to being touched by someone else if you are not there or to being in a lively

These procedures will also be known by all family members in my setting. I also have my personal mobile phone which is always topped up with credit and an evacuation pack which adheres to data protection with emergency details should they be required. When handling/storing and administrating medicines, I will use the medication record which I use in my setting and I also have a chart produced by the Health Protection agency ‘Guidance on infection control in schools and other childcare settings’ which I will use as a reference document when advising parents of which illnesses will exclude a child from my setting and for how long. I also have an appropriate first aid

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