The King And The French Rev Essay

7 July 2017

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The King And The Gallic Rev. Essay, Research Paper

Could the King have averted the revolution? If so how?

The male monarch could hold decidedly averted the revolution and in a battalion of ways. The undermentioned essay will lucubrate on how precisely he could hold done so.

First, one of the chief long term causes of the revolution was the losing of regard and assurance in the authorities due to the single personality of the male monarch. If, from the start, the male monarch had behaved in a dignified mode and took his responsibilities earnestly, most likely, the revolution could hold been averted.

Louis XVI was really timid and refused to give changeless support to his curates ( illustration: Turgot ) reform programs. This led to a failure of doing reforms over a long period of clip and doing the reforms merely when an absolute crisis occurred. It was this sudden alteration that contributed to the revolution.

Not merely that, the male monarch could hold discouraged the intriguing of certain curates to convey others down, but alternatively adopted a divide and regulation policy, because he was weak. This undermining of fellow curates is one of the factors led to Calonne neglecting in the Assembly of Notables, which led to the eventual naming of the Estates-General.

Furthermore, at the meeting of the Estates-General, the male monarch could hold resolved the issue of whether to vote by caput or by Estate, and could hold hence gained control of the Estates-General meeting. Alternatively, he didn t make anything and this culminated in the national Assembly being formed and the 3rd Estate taking the jurisprudence into their ain custodies ; which finally led to the revolution.

Besides, at the royal session ( after the tennis tribunal curse ) , the male monarch introduced reforms that the people wanted to hear. However, he introduced them excessively tardily for the people to be wholly satisfied. He should hold introduced them much earlier.

He was besides supportive of feudal dues and privileges in his address and besides said that whatever the National Assembly had done until so was considered void and null. Had he given a more sensible and less confrontational address, a revolution could hold been avoided.

At the terminal of the royal Session, the deputies refused to travel. The male monarch, as usual, in the face of resistance, allowed T

hem to remain. After being confrontational, he was being irresolute once more. At least if he had maintained his base, the people might hold respected his authorization.

Second, another chief ground the revolution took topographic point was because the Lords saw themselves as contending against absolutism.

The male monarch didn T aid in this by censoring the parlement by royal policy in 1771, when they refused to accept fiscal reform, even after a lit-de-justice. Since the parlement was seen as the lone manner the people could oppose the male monarch s will, to them this smacked of absolutism and led to presentations. If the male monarch had non taken such an action, particularly given the emotions of the people at that point in clip, the revolution could hold been averted.

After the male monarch brought the parlement back, and met up with them in a royal session, he began following a persuasive instead than a confrontational attitude toward the parlement. The parlement would likely hold given the king the green visible radiation to travel in front with the loans he wanted to acquire, but midway through, the Duke of Orleans stood up and protested that this wasn t legal. The male monarch insisted that it was legal because he wished it to be and convey back frights of his absolutism. If he had acted diplomatically, the parlement would hold likely agreed to his wants, and it would besides hold allayed public frights that the male monarch was being despotic ; which was one of the nucleus causes of the revolution.

He so threw the parlement in gaol and drew up new Torahs to take away the ability of the parlement to blockade justness. This once more led the people to believe that the male monarch was being despotic and all over the state there was a dislocation of jurisprudence and order and a rallying call for the Estates-General to be called. The male monarch gave in to this demand. If the male monarch had non taken a drastic action such as seting the parlement in gaol, therefore corroborating the people s frights of a despotic leader, or at least stuck to his original stance and tried to derive control of the state of affairs alternatively of giving in to the demands, the revolution could hold been averted.

Besides, after the National Assembly was formed, the male monarch sent military personnels to Paris. This merely confirmed intuitions of absolutism. If he had adopted a compromising attack a revolution may non hold occurred.


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