The King of Pop- Michael Jackson

10 October 2019

You say you understand Michael Jackson. Maybe you do not as well as you think you do. As a child, Michael was forced into the music career by his father into the Jackson Five and forced out of his childhood. He would be home schooled and then after that he would not watch the TV or go outside with the other kids, but go to practice for hours on end until he went to bed. There in practice his dad would sit and when one of five boys would make a little mistake, they would be smacked.

Then Michael in adolescence would be teased about his large nose and he had terrible acne. People did not like the grown Jackson. He began to feel embarrassed and uncomfortable with his new look. He left The Jackson’s and made his first album “off the wall”. Then he was not known as just the cute singer for The Jackson Five but him self, Michael Jackson. He made several great songs and then fell face first one a stage and broke his nose and had a nose job preformed to get it fixed. He also later on had another nose job to be able to hit high notes while singing.

The King of Pop- Michael Jackson Essay Example

Then in 1982, he sold the biggest-selling album, Thriller. He was then known, with his instantly identifiable voice, astonishing dance moves and his wardrobe. The red leather jacket with all the crazy zippers, the white sparkle glove, and the socks. The album had many great songs that showed his great talent such as “Billy Jean”, “Thriller”, “Beat it” and so many more. With his videos, Michael broke the color barrier by having his videos played on MTV. Then on May 16, 1983, he sealed his talent by performing the “moonwalk“. The move became as much as a signature as his white glove or his vocal hiccups.

Then he came out with the anthemia song “We Are the World” for the all-star famine-relief effort USA for Africa. 1987 Bad was released; with much anticipation, the fans were not expecting the album to be any less great than Thriller although it was.
1991 Dangerous was release and “Black or White” shot up to the top of the charts. 1995 HIStory: Past, Present and Future, Book 1 came out. It was to be of all his great songs but the album never made it that well because everyone already had those hits. 2001 Invincible was released.

However, this whole time making music, Michael was going through some trouble with his image and the press. He was a bizarre man who never had a childhood and was never loved as a child by his family. He bought Neverland Ranch witch was filled with amusement rides and pets such as Bubbles the chimp. He surrounded himself with children and invited them to come to Neverland Ranch. Michael would even let the children sleep with him, because they needed love. He would tuck them in and put some music on, even give them warm milk. This was not a good image to be making although it was harmless the press and world did not see it as him just showing the children that they are loved but more than that. Michael had this reputation with him for the rest of his life until his dieing day. No one will truly understand the man completely, but hopefully now the world can look at him for all the great memorable things he did and not the little mistakes he made. 2009 we lost a legend, an icon, and a king. We lost Michael Jackson.

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