The Kings Speech

12 December 2017

In the sessions with Lionel, he asked Bertie what was his past like because there was a reason for being afraid to speak publicly. He told Lionel that when he was a young boy he used to get teased a lot because he shuddered a lot and his father also encouraged it, especially when it came to his brother.

HIS father didn’t pay attention to him It went more towards his brother. Also, he grew up with metal splints In his knees so he could have straight knees. These experiences changed his life by feelingInsecure about himself and not being able to talk In front of an audience would trigger that fact that he used to get teased a lot by his loved one, which changed his whole life. Question 2: It Is our divine right to be heard, to persevere, rehearse, and be brave. These things can be very helpful In our lives. We have to learn to be brave and persevere we have to try In order to get it done. Every day we use our delve right to be heard by being in class, answering questions, with friends and communication with just about anyone.

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Question 3:When the King was practicing giving speeches in public I saw that he concentrated or relaxed himself by swaying his feet back and forth, taking deep breaths, eventuating words, practicing an hour a day and having support from his wife. These things can be helpful if someone was afraid of speaking in public because it helps you focus and keep calm once you have started your speech. In our speech class we have a strong support system, our own classmates, which make us feel comfortable speaking in front of them, which helps us during our speech.

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