The Kitchen Are The Women Independent Or

8 August 2017

The Kitchen: Are The Women Independent Or Dependent? Essay, Research Paper

The Kitchen Are The Women Independent Or Essay Example

In the Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, the character Tomo lives in a traditional Japenese society where adult females are really dependent. Womans in Japan faced terrible limitations in affairs refering pick of calling and matrimony. On the other manus, virtually all adult females had a basic instruction and some even attended college. There therefore developed an independency of spirit which permitted adult females to do of import picks within the confines of a restrictive society. Tomo lived in a clip and topographic point where she did non hold much pick but to obey and back up her hubby. As a consequence of the civilization she lived in, all of her determinations were based on the really fact that she was non free to do her ain pick.

Tomo had to happen a courtesan for her hubby. She had the control over who would be the courtesan but she did non hold the power to state her hubby that she did non desire him to acquire a courtesan. Tomo had no pick but to happen a courtesan to the extreme criterions so that the courtesan would non reflect negatively on the household. This demonstrates that due to the parturiency of her society, even though some of the determinations were left up to Tomo to do, they were all based on obeying and delighting person else.

If a adult female in Japan at this period of tim

vitamin E were to arise and stand up for her rights, she would lose everything. At that clip, everything was nil but household. If Tomo had left her hubby, she would lose her kids and life for her would be really hard. Even though she is educated, she would hold a difficult clip acquiring a occupation. Tomo was so dependent on her hubby that even if she did happen a occupation, she would non be able to happen 1 that would back up the life manner that she was accustomed to. And if she wanted to come back to her household, they would most likely ignore her and non take her back. This shows that the traditions and the civilization of Japan at the clip made it difficult for Japenese adult females to be independent.

I believe that every adult females has independent ideas merely like Tomo did in the Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto. But when the actions are dependent, so they are dependent. The really fact that Tomo wanted to be free and self reliant but she did non prosecute what she desired shows that she is non independent. She was so reliant on her hubby that she could non conceive of losing what she had. If Tomo was born into a society where she was free to do her ain picks for herself so the narrative might be different, but in this instance, Tomo is a adult female who wants to be free but is afraid to stand up for herself.


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