The Laborer by diego rivera

8 August 2016

Diego Rivera’s artwork is very unique and is still very popular today. Diego Rivera, who is arguably one of the most important 20th Century Latin American artists, who was only eighteen years old at the time, painted “El Albanil” in 1904. This painting is only one of three or four known paintings to exist from that early period of the artist’s career. It shows his talent for a muralist style and like most well known for representing. The oil on canvas painting is signed by the artist and dated 1904.

To me, this painting stood out to me because it was one of the only paintings in the exhibit where it had only one person in the painting. In my opinion, it looks like “El Albanil” which in English, means the laborer, is about to go start working. Either that, or he is taking a break from work, but he definitely looks like he is in the middle of something. This painting looks like the man is upset about something. Maybe he believes that his heritage is being treated unfairly. After all, it is clearly obvious that this man is Mexican-American.

The Laborer by diego rivera Essay Example

Maybe he feels that he should be appreciated more rather than being looked at how people see him. Maybe he wants to do more with his life than just work for people. Or perhaps he is proud of the work that he does and is showing off by the stance he is in. The way Rivera made the oil on canvas look is just so magnificent. He makes it look like it’s sunny outside without anyone being able to see the sun. He does this by making the floor a bunch of different colors and by making the shovel and bucket have a shadow.

It looks like its really bright on the floor and as it gets more and more to the left the colors start to change into a darker shade because the sun is not hitting that part inside. Also another thing that stood out to me was the wall. How it is dark and then becomes lighter. The way he made it look was as if the sun wasn’t hitting the inside wall but the wall that goes straight back is getting all the sun. There are many different shapes that I can point out in this picture; for example, his hat is a very strong shape as well as his bucket and shovel.

The shirt he is wearing looks like a rectangular shape and the lower half of his body looks more round than is does square. The way the man is holding the shovel makes him look so masculine. Like he is in control of everything he does and doesn’t let anyone push him around or tell him what to do. It’s the way the oil defines the laborers features that makes it look so good. It’s also the way the colors look on his shirt, the way it changes from a light blue to a darker blue. It makes it look like he is standing big and tall.

How his hat has a shadow can make a person tell that he is posing with his head in an upward position and usually that type of posture means that the person is very confident in themselves and not shy at all. In my opinion I find it odd that this man looks so confident in this painting because by the way he is dressed it seems like he does not come from a lot of money. Today, people who do not have a lot of money are not as confident or strong willed. However it looks like nothing is stopping this man, it seems like he does not care whether he is rich or poor, he will not let his minority classification bring down his dignity.

He is proud of who he is and what he does. Like I stated before, it looks like this painting is about minority. From what I saw at the art museum, Diego Rivera focuses a lot on culture. And not just any culture, the kind of cultures that did not have a lot of money. Although these people don’t have money, they still make the best out of their lives because all they have is each other. This man looks like he is not sad, but confidant. He looks like he feels proud of himself and what he does. No one or nothing is going to stop him.

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