The Lane

4 April 2019

The shady lane stretched out to run through seems endless at dawn. The shades of the trees and the wavering lake cooled down the path I run through every morning, but my body is still hot like the sun. Every step I make, I can hear my heart pump the blood through my head, my arms, and my legs. Even though the fatigue that blows up my lungs crushes my body and indomitable will to the ground, I would never stop jogging because of the despairs I have felt my whole life.
My body started to get plump when I was eight years old. I was fond of eating excessively and was not fond of any physical activities. My waist grew an inch every year and my anxiety grew as well. I often thought about dieting, but I never placed this idea into action. Maybe I was too young to have the strong volition to get in shape. I promised myself I would uncover the figure of my body that was concealed by thick layer of mushy fat later in life.
As I entered middle school, I felt miserable when I looked at my huge belly in the bathroom. Kids started to become more attentive about their appearance at that age and so was I. Once I realized I could not do a single push up, I wanted to realize the promise I made. I bolt out to the field to jog. However, in a minute, I saw myself panting in the middle of the road and wanting to go home. Furthermore, as I exercised, the desire for the food grew greater and I could not restrain myself. I failed dieting over five times in middle school. The number on the scale was the symbol of my feebleness and I kept scolding myself without a solution.
My high school, Culver, is a grateful place for me in many ways. This school helped me to resolve this setback of obesity. I gained the strong confidence that I can become healthier and gain a better looking body and spirit as I looked at the wonderfully emerald campus of Culver. I told myself in the bathroom. If I can’t defeat my aˆ?feebleness,’ I would never be able to achieve anything in life. Many setbacks and assignments, which are even more intense, are waiting for me to break through in future. Culver supported me with wonderful facilities and a fresh environment and affluent time.
I lost approximately twenty pounds in my freshman year at Culver. To make my assurance doubly sure, I set a healthier routine. I tried not to use my laptop except for academic purpose. While I used to use most of my free time playing computer games, I spent most of my free time exercising and playing sports. The outcome granted me the self-respect, confidence, and willpower.
Twenty pounds of fat changed my attitude toward setbacks dramatically. I had been acting impulsively to resolve this setback. However, Culver taught me the way I should act upon resolving a problem: Compose the best environment for the solution and change the fundamental factor which induces the problem. I am not frustrated by the difficulty anymore, but treat difficulty as an opportunity to reflect upon myself and step up to a better outcome. The setbacks I will face in the future will be more intense and difficult to overcome, but I won’t be so worried about them because I have the confidence to breakthrough.

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