The Language of Architecture

Have you ever-wondered how important metaphors can be in your life today? Metaphors aren’t just an intriguing way to compare two ideas together; metaphors are a direct correlation as a whole, saying this is this, so qualities are applied to help compare two different ideas together. For my brainstorming topic, I decided to write about how metaphors can relate to my major here, which is architecture. Architecture contains grammatical structure through impulses of messages. Grammatical structure builds the proper visual language to transfer the idea and body of concept from its author. As visual language, architecture has its own grammatical structure to state people’s mind today. Metaphor is one of the most powerful tools of an architect today. As architects we have to compare two ideas and show visualizations to others so that they can interpret the basic idea and further examine the idea that the architect is trying to get at. An example of when we would use metaphors in architecture is when comparing a theme, conceptual ideas, and diagrammatical visuals of two different forms of architecture in a building. Descriptions in architecture aren’t explained without evidence and theory pertaining to the architect’s logic. You’ll always see an architect using metaphors to help visualize certain buildings’ architectural concepts.

When I came in as a student this year, I didn’t know that architecture had so many different concepts and ideas that flowed around literature. I had once thought that architecture was just a simple background building and designing such things. Little did I know English and metaphors was a big part of it? Metaphors are a big part in my major and I think that without it, we wouldn’t know how to describe thing and compare ideas overall to each other, we would also never understand the whole concepts and the history of the education. The language of architecture also speaks for itself. Architecture uses different ways to interpret different understandings of what it is. We use metaphors from architecture to accumulate our thoughts because of the process of design. I think that there is a uniquely close relationship between architecture and thinking. As designers, we should be aware that our buildings will be able to speak to people, whether or not we choose to recognize it or not. It’s important that we take care to deliberately craft the underlying message, and make sure that the language we are implying facilitates the communication of that message is up to the task. I think that as an architect today, we want our buildings and projects to all have language and to have meaning and relevance. With doing this, we can proudly say that architecture as a whole has values and to say something. We also need feedback from people all over to give us a better understanding in our major, so that we can improve in many aspects and to provide a better interpretation and presentation on what we are working on. Through verbal language and presentation, we can represent some aspects of reality to communicate together. We can also use the language of metaphors to help us create this broad image of what we are trying to produce and endure. The language of metaphors and architecture together can create something powerful that people can see and visualize to themselves. Metaphors help architecture evolve to the next level, especially when trying to compare ideas together as a whole. Metaphors relate to architecture through philosophical thinking and how we can bring the art of architecture to the English language and how we can interpret each idea.

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