The Last Goodnight – Poison Kiss

8 August 2019

“Your eyes don’t lie,
They give you away.
You say, you say,
Everything is different today..”

Those are the starting lines to one of my favorite songs, “Poison Kiss” by The Last Goodnight. Now normally, I listen to heavier music, such as Devil Driver or Lamb of God. But the Last Goodnight’s Pop/Rock mixture caught my ears the second I heard it. They have a mix of guitar and keyboard, making a wonderful sound.
The song, in my opinion, seems to be talking about a man (or boy) falling in “love” with the wrong person, and realizing it almost too late.

The Last Goodnight – Poison Kiss Essay Example

This reveiw isn’t very long, sorry about that. But hopefully you will look up The Last Goodnight, and realize that their lyrics are deep and meaningful in some songs, and fun and perky in others. It’s a grand mixture to me. What about you?

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