The Last King of Scotland

1 January 2017

The Last King of Scotland Idi Amin called himself the King of Scotland; He wanted to be known for his charisma, personality and intriguing conversation. It wasn’t until Dr. Garrigan sees the real President Amin that the movie begins to take a real turn of fate. Kevin Macdonald brings out the reality of the brutality in Uganda at that time. What is the real reason Dr. Garrigan chose to ignore Amins’ destruction for so long? MacDonald’s’ choosing in the audience is of age that would truly understand the movie and its’ roots.

Since the movie is fiction with only events being factual it is a movie that must be closely watched and understood to catch what Giles Foden the writer of the novel and MacDonald’s direction really wanted their audience to grasp. The Last King of Scotland takes a slow beginning with Dr. Garrigan graduating from medical school. Dr. Garrigan is disappointed about his career as a doctor when he starts off working at his family’s’ private practice. When Dr. Garrigan finds a need for his medical skills in Ugandan missionary clinic, he chooses to go abroad.

The Last King of Scotland Essay Example

These beginning scenes show the audience the history roots of Dr. Garrigans later actions and why he takes the hero role. Basically showing his “I’m trying to find my purpose” emotions. At the same time of Dr. Garrigans’ arrival to Uganda, Amin is starting to get even more comfortable and closer to his goals in office. Fate plays its’ part when Amin and Dr. Garrigan meet at the scene of a car accident. Of course Garrigan uses his medical skills to patch things up. When Dr. Garrigan threatens Amin for a second, because his accent fools Amin to mistakenly take him as a British man.

Later Amin finds out that Dr. Garrigan is Scottish and not British. Amin starts to take to Dr. Garrigan more kindly. The movie starts to play out when the audience watches Amin and Dr. Garrigan grow closer in friendship. Dr. Garrigan does not notice right away that Amin takes a father role in the relationship rather then just friends until later. Amin asks Dr. Garrigan to become his personal physician. The audience can tell that Dr. Garrigan is slightly uncomfortable and not sure if that position is really what he wants to do.

But then he agrees. Later Dr.Garrigan become Amins’ right hand man. Leaving Dr. Garrigan to move closer and be apart of Amins’ political agenda. Even though Dr. Garrigan is well aware of the persecution of the Ugandan people he still accepts Amins’ offer. Dr. Garrigan allows himself to fall into the trap by taking whatever Amin gives him. Dr. Garrigan is now riding around in a Mercedes and live in a nice apartment on the countries’ poor people taxes. Then later decides to be the people’s hero. Is it because it wasn’t until his life was in danger that he decides to do the right thing?

When Amin gave him the explanation that he had to kill those people and he had no other choice, Dr. Garrigans’ true response was to run away but he ignored it and stayed put. Did Dr. Garrigan know that he could be in real danger being so close to this man? Dr. Garrigan met one of Amins’ three wives, Kay Amin and her son Mackenzie. Dr. Garrigan learns that Mackenzie has epilepsy. Dr. Garrigan tries his best to care for their son while “accidentally” falling in love with Kay. Why would Dr. Garrigan let himself go there with Amins’ wife Kay knowing that the man has history of easily justifying reasons to murder people.

Not only did Dr. Garrigan put himself in even more danger, but he also put Kay’s’ life in danger also. Not too long after Dr. Garrigan learns that Amin has a real fear for foreigners and begins to slaughter the Asian community in Uganda. Dr. Garrigan is shown more evidence of Amins’ brutality. When reality hits Dr. Garrigan, he tries to leave, but of course Amin is not going to let Dr. Garrigan leave now. He knows too much. Amin consistently tells Dr. Garrigan he cannot leave because Amin is now his new father and he cannot leave his family here in Uganda.

Now things can’t get any worse. Dr. Garrigan finds out that Kay is pregnant with his child. Kay and Dr. Garrigan try to devise a plan for an abortion so that Amin does not find out. Because if he did both of them knew that he would kill them both. Dr. Garrigan is kept away from his meeting with Kay and Amin soon finds out about their affair. In complete anger, Amin brutally murders Kay. When Dr. Garrigan finds out he now knows that the only way he is going to get out of this country is by assassinating Amin.

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